Monday, April 21, 2014

Sewing to summer in April

Sewing to summer - OK, I might as well rename this - Ashton is sewing to summer!  Me, well, I am a little behind.  My quilt has added a few rows.  A few!  Count them - six!

On the other hand that girl is BUSY!

A few tailoring projects for a client-

A few little girl outfits for a cousin-

A jean skirt out of old jeans for herself-

Another skirt for herself- (see how those seams match up?!)

Embroidery for a summer shirt-

Oh, and a few alterations for me and my oldest son!

Yep, someone has been busy sewing.  Just not me!

How about you?  What sewing projects have you been doing?  Or wish you were doing?


If you are looking for modest skirts, a GREAT place to check out is Deborah &Co., run by Caroline at The Modest Mom!


  1. I've not sewn in a long time :( I have to put my girls AHG badges on and re-apply my son's dojo patch to his new gi......not to mention finish his quilt I started when I was pregnant with him (he'll be 8 in July) and my 2nd DD wants a quilt too....not enough time in the day.

  2. We are at the point where my girls are the only ones getting any sewing done. They are already much better than me....they whip up dresses and skirts from scrap fabric without patterns, just because they are bored!!! I assume you have a fancy programmable machine for the embroidery...ormis she doing that by hand?!?!?

    1. MY daughter is the same way, Kayla! No fancy machine...she has one that has a few fun stitches on it and she used that- very carefully! It was probably the hardest part of the project! Someday I want to be able to save up for an embroidery machine!

  3. The embroidery for the shirt is by hand. =)

    1. Oh, that embroidery! I thought you were talking about the stitching around the whale.

  4. Such beautiful projects! Nice job :-)


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