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Clearing out the Clutter- Our Health

Oh. My. Word!  What a week it has been.  I have enjoyed every minute of writing this week but boy, am I tired.  Add 5 daily posts plus a few extra reviews and giveaways thrown in and man, my head and fingers are tired!

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So, on our last day we are Clearing out the Clutter in our health!

The first stop in the health day is your medicine cabinet.
 I feel like I should have some creepy music   playing here. ;)  I am willing to bet that yours is as bad as mine once was.

See that?  Past tense.

It is now clutter free!
Your turn!

The easy step - throw away anything that has expired.  Yes, I know that many will say meds can outlast their expiration dates, but I am taking no chances.  Especially with my kids. (Just be sure that you dispose of your old medication in a safe and responsible way!)

Next step - throw the rest away!

OK, go with me here.  Yes, I admit to having a few "emergency" over-the-counter medicines around. My husband worships, oops-uses a lot of Motrin.  And I do keep a few other essentials around - think Benedryll for my allergic people.  But for the past few years we have been investing in and regularly using essential oils.

There, I said it.

Out loud!

Yes, we have gone to the dark side.

Well, the natural side.  It started with all of the dyes in children's medicines.  They are bad for you, by the way.  We have a kiddo who is sensitive to dyes.  Even if yours are not - dyes are not good.  Take my word for it.  I can not for the life of me figure out why companies put bad things in medicines that are supposed to make us better and healthier.  Vitamins are another example - don't even make me go there.

So, in search for more natural meds we found essential oils.  They have worked for our family.  The more we use them, the more we trust them and the faster we turn to them instead of the pharmacy stuff.

DO not hear me wrong.  We do still get sick sometimes.  We do sometimes go to doctors.  We even take medicines if prescribed.  But that is not our first defense anymore.  Oils are.

Peppermint for headaches and stomachaches.
Peace and Calming for a hyped child at night.
Lavender for insect bites and scrapes and burns.
Chamomile for better sleep.
And on and on.

Try it, you might like it!

Dyes and chemicals.  Just a recap - bad. for. you!  Get them out of your home and your food as best you can.  We make our own laundry soap and cleaners.   We eat as much food from the local farms as possible.  And when in the grocery store we look at labels.  (and then Mom breaks down and buys a Diet Coke.  For me, of course, not them!  Just being honest!) A few other things you may want to look into - elderberry syrup (when we took this faithfully we had a whole winter season of not being sick,  including a first year college student), local bee pollen (the one thing so far that has helped the same college student better manage her allergies), and Grapefruit seed extract.

The point is that 80-20 rule.  If you are aiming to eat healthy 80% of the time, hopefully your body can manage the 20% of less than stellar choices better.  Let's face it, fast food sometimes just happens. We shouldn't beat ourselves up over  it...just not go out to eat daily.

Exercise.  Yuck!  I wish I could leave it at that but we all know that would not be right.  Tempting, but not right.  Again, at the very least, at least try to get outside daily.  Take a walk around the yard. Then the block.  Then add a bike, or some weights or a few sit ups.  There are seasons that I love my treadmill and it helped me lose 20 pounds a year ago (yep, need to get back on it), but I am a struggling exerciser.  Luckily I have one daughter that shames me into it often and enough guilt of my own to try to stay moderately active.  Hey, whatever works.  Just get moving!

And the purpose of it all?  Why am I passionate about clutter - and getting rid of it?

I want to live with purpose.  I want to live with joy.  I want to live life to its fullest.

And I am more convinced each day that to do so, I must maintain my home, head, heart, homeschool and health in such a way that does not distract me from the more important things God has for me. Many of those things that fill our lives are good.  But I purpose to have them only be the BEST!  The rest of the clutter- be gone!

May you live a clutter free life.  And may you be blessed!

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  1. Oh exercise! I am much more active in the warmer months when we can get outside and enjoy nature walks and park days, but I always slack off in the winter! I'm hoping to get into a good routine and STAY there now that baby is a bit older.

    1. Me too! Just waiting for the warmer weather to actually get here! ;)

  2. I would really like to get more into essential oils. I wish there wasn't such a big learning curve and cost.... I'm slowly adding one here and there. Thankfully they last a long long time.

    1. Ask me anything and if I do not have the answers I will get them for you Lisa! Also, I can order from Young Living at my discount if you want to try them!

  3. I have considered essential oils but just scared I won't know what to use or which ones to get... Might need to investigate this a little further! Great read girl!

    1. Thanks Kayla! Ask away...I would be glad to share what we have used and what works for us!

  4. Michelle--that is the hands-on best reason I've ever heard for keeping a clutter-free home. Thank you! :)

  5. This is a great post! I would really like to learn more about essential oils! I've never been big on taking meds or having my kids take them either. Even taking Tylenol requires a pretty massive headache for me and I usually wait 8-10 days before I'll seek an antibiotic for myself. I disposed of all of our old meds at the police department. It was so great to get rid of all that junk!


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