Monday, April 14, 2014

And about that clutter...

Did you get tired of me last week?  I got tired!  Not necessarily of me, but of writing.  And more writing. Actually, the writing was not the hard part- the posting and social media thing wore me out.  I am looking forward to a quieter week on the blog this week.  Hope you don't mind!

But I also hope you were blessed by the Clearing out the Clutter posts.  If you missed them or need to catch up you can access them here-

Our Home
Our Heads
Our Hearts
Our Homeschool
Our Health

THANK YOU to all who left comments or shared your progress.  It is always fun to read what you all are doing at your homes!

While you are motivated and on a roll (you are motivated and on a roll aren't you?) I want to introduce you to a bloggy friend of mine you has been on her own journey to Clear Out the Clutter.

Meet Sanz from Meet The Mrs!  She is a fellow TOS reviewer as well, has some pretty adorable kids, and lives...well, you will have to just go and see where she lives!

She has been a mission of her own to weed out all of the non essentials out of her life.  If you follow her on Facebook (and you really should!) you would have seen her weekly, sometimes daily updates of all of the stuff she has hauled away.  It. Is. Amazing!  And motivating!  And a challenge!

Go ahead- read her journey and see her Home office changes and see if you do not want to do a little clearing out the clutter yourself!

Tell her I said hi while you are there!


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  1. Gee whiz. Thanks Michele! Your compliments are tremendously valued!


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