Friday, April 25, 2014

Remembering April

The 25th??  How did it get to be the 25th of April already?  Just where did the time go?
I thought that this month would be a quiet month after our crazy move down the street, but alas, it was not to be.  Luckily our days have been filled with lots of fun!

Like a rodeo!  We are wild west fans here, and even have the hats and belt buckles to prove it.  This was a college rodeo hosted by SDSU and so much fun.  One of the advantages to living in a small town is that it is so easy to drive to an event, walk right in, enjoy and leave peacefully. No rows of a bazillion cars (I know, it is a made up word) and lines of cranky people.  A fun Saturday making memories.

We also had a few fellow homeschool friends over to do Easter Art with us.  This is the first time we have used the See the Light art curriculum and I will just tell you I was very impressed.  On this particular one, there was a 16 minute story of Easter and THREE separate video lessons.  We were brave and tried the one involving pastel chalks including fluorescent ones.  Too cool!

Of course, our weeks would not be complete without our trips to the library.  We love the library here and frequent it almost weekly.  See those two bags of books?  Those are for the older girls.  Just a start.  Add two more bags and you will get our usual haul!  I often wonder what the librarian thinks of us.  And as a side note - yes, that is an army hat on CJ and yes, you see it in many pictures.  It has become his signature item and though it drives me CRAZY, I refuse to make an issue out of it.  But it would not hurt my feelings if it got lost.  Just saying!

And a treat! (and that hat again! ugh!) I try to take one child out a week as special mom time, to chat, catch up and just spend time together.  Each date is as different as the child that I take, but I love our time together.  This one week, I surprised them all together with a ice cream treat at this cute little diner downtown called Nick's Hamburgers.  It is very tasty and apparently a legend in this town.  Come visit us and we will treat you!

That's about all from here.  We STILL have about 6 weeks left in our official school year, but we do have a special trip coming up in May I cannot wait to tell you about.  Until then, enjoy the warmer temperatures and be blessed!

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