Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TOS CREW Review- Seed Sowers

You know we love to read in our house so it should be no big surprise that I always jump at a chance to review a good book.  Add to that book inspiring, often hair raising true tales of missionaries and the fact that it was written by a fellow TOS Crewmate and well, let's just say I was a little excited to share this one with you!

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Seed Sowers has released a book by the same title, Seed Sowers, by Gwen Toliver, that needs to find its way into every Christian home.  This 180 page gem is a collection of 21 different stories of missionaries and the adventures they lived.  What is so unique about this book is that each story was told to author Gwen Toliver by the actual missionaries who lived the adventures.  Gwen, her husband and their 8 children live in Texas and work for Wycliffe Ministries as part of their Bible Translation endeavors.  Nestled among the Linguistic Center property is a retirement facility where many older missionaries reside.  That wealth of experience and knowledge was just waiting to be discovered and Gwen got to be the instrument that God used to get those stories out to the public.  How amazing is that?  For two years Gwen was able to interview the men and women of each story and compile them into short, easy to read chapters that will inspire both young and old.  

Since we do devotions nightly this was a wonderful time to read a chapter as a family.  It opened up not only discussion about the actual story and what we thought about it, but also allowed us to explore the location on a map if it was not one we were familiar with.  Since many were South American locations, our youngest adopted from Guatemala was extremely interested.  I will admit that I did find myself reading ahead several times when I would happen to sit down beside the book during the day.  Something about tales of faith, endurance and fortitude just seem to pull me in.

Some stories may be more familiar to you such as the sad story surrounding Nate Saint and his four friends that were killed by the natives in Ecuador.  Told to Gwen by Don and Helen Johnson, you get to hear some previously unpublished facts.  Don was one of the men in the rescue party that found and identified his friends on Palm beach.  He was able to recount his experiences years later with the little red notebook he used to take notes at the time of the tragedy.  Other stories tell of laughter, fun adventures and always of God's provision.  One of our favorites was about Gene Minor, a pilot missionary to Colombia.  He recounted to Gwen one of the times he was flying and his plane's engine went out.  For our military family, this is one we could really identify with!

The Plane that nearly crashed - Gene Minor story
Another neat part of the book is that most chapters end with an Author's Note that tells another part of the story such as when that missionary died or retired and a more complete picture of all they accomplished in their ministry.  You can be sure that much of what they did will not be found in their own stories.  As Gwen shares in her interview, they are a humble group and hesitant to ever bring any attention to themselves.  I encourage you to watch Gwen's interview at the bottom of this review- it is lengthy, but well worth watching.  Not only does she share about her book, but also shares her passion for missions and how you can get involved.  Not everyone gets sent to the jungle, you know!
Seed Sowers can be purchased on sale now for $12.50.  While intended for 6th graders and up for independent reading, it is appropriate as a family read aloud as well.  I know you will blessed to add it to your collection!


  1. I'm so glad it was a blessing to you too, Michele. It's amazing how God continues to use these stories that He is truly the author of!

    1. I cannot imagine how it felt to actually sit and listen to those amazing men and women! What a privilege! Loved finally getting to "meet" you by watching the video! ;)


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