Monday, September 9, 2013

The good 'ole HARD days

There were days early in our our homeschooling years that were call-your-husband-and-tell-him-the-kids-would-be-waiting-in-the-driveway-for-him-when-he-got-home hard.  You know what I mean- the you-are-going-to-the-worst-public-school-I-can-find-tomorrow hard.  Crying, crying and more crying.  And not just the kids!  Is it just me that can relate?


Seriously.  One of those very days I made a big announcement, in a not so quiet voice to my children:

  You are part of this team or not.  Either start rowing or get out of the boat and swim away.

Yep, not one of my best mommy moments for sure and certainly not very God led, but it IS one of the FEW things my kids, especially my older girls, remember me saying.  Figures.

I have said sweeter words.
I have been more gentle.
I have quoted Scripture.

Nope, they remember the time mom told them to get out of the boat.

How wonderful.
How typical!

When was the last time you said something to only seconds later wish you could put those words right back in that mouth of yours?

Happens all of the time to my 6 year old spirited child these days.  And I am forever telling him that once you say things, you cannot take them back.  Once the words are out there they have already been heard and taken to heart.  And made an impression.  And stuck!  It is a lesson he is learning. It is a lesson I learned.

Oh, I am glad that is a lesson I learned early in my homeschooling years.  How grateful to God I am that he tamed my tongue, quieted my spirit and settled me into joy filled homeschool days.

Mostly!  Haha  Yes, please remember, I am now in for the challenge of my homeschooling journey.  A very smart, Very VERY strong willed child.  The last child.  The older mom.  See the problem?

But on days like today, well really, the past two weeks, I remind myself of the boat and am thankful that not once has God asked me to get out!  Praise Him that He is faithful.

Lord, please help me to be faithful as well!


Join me back on Wednesday to see what we are learning about this school year!

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  1. Despite any shortcomings you might have, you have obviously done an amazing job raising your older three children. This little guy might be "the one", but you will help him to use his strong-willed personality for God's good.

    1. Thank you Nicole! I KNOW God has big things planned for this kiddo!

  2. Love this, Michelle! Very well written. I smiled, I laughed, I nodded my head, and said "amen". :) Been there and will probably be there again, but the Lord is gracious and His mercies are new every morning. Thanks be to God. Jennifer H.

  3. Oh, I love you! Thank you for your transparency and the encouragement to be gentle and hang on. The waters are rough, but no, God has never asked us to get out; PRAISE HIM!

    1. You are too sweet! I think YOUR parenting is inspiring...even my olders mentioned how gentle you were! And yes, PRAISE HIM!!!

  4. Oh, I can relate. Why can't they remember all the good stuff so easily.

  5. Can definitely relate. Would be nice if they would remember the good stuff, but alas, even with my older children I have learned that it is the bad things that have stuck. And looking back at my own childhood, it is the same. You would think that would help me to remember to be more encouraging and such. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. I can't wait to see what you share this week.


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