Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School Choices

We school year round.  Yep, we really do.  It is one of the things I love about homeschooling.  Notice I did not say it is one of the things the kids love! ;)  We usually "start" school in August and "finish" up mid May and then take a week or so off to regroup.  Then we start a lighter schedule which usually consists of math and many review items.  Being on the TOS Review Crew has been a HUGE blessing to us, providing us with unbelievable curriculum, books and extras we would have never had access to otherwise.  A lot of these things we review in the summer months which is perfect timing and allows us to concentrate on them exclusively for a while.  Then, one random day in August I decide to "start" school again in which we add a few more subjects back in.  After that week, I take a week off to regroup and evaluate as well as schedule our full days and then off we go again.  Sounds complicated, but really, it works for us.

So yes, I realize I am a little behind in posting this.  Most of you have already started school and know EXACTLY what you are using this year.  But for those of you who need some ideas or just like peeking into other's school rooms, here is what we are doing this year.

1st Grade

History-Mystery of History 1- We just read together and do some of the activities
Science- Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Land Animals and junior notebook.  If you have never used this science, I encourage you to take a look at it.  The books are beautiful, amazing, and so much fun!
Writing- Write Shop.  This was new to me until I did a review for them last year for my older son.  We started with the first book and are having a good time with it!
Spanish- Those of you who know me know that this is my passion so here goes!- Homeschool Spanish Academy, Flip Flop Spanish Review coming soon!) and Song School Spanish.  YES, we really are using ALL three at once time and loving every one for the things they bring to our day!
Math- Saxon 1.  My kiddo is hands on so the manips are right up his alley.  We do switch to Teaching Textbooks in 5th grade
Language Arts- Another area we are all over the place in so bear with me!  Explode the Code and Logic of English for now.
Reading- ABeCeDarian.  Once we finish the Sonlight readers we will begin the Lightening Literature program.  We also use the Reading Kingdom and McGuffy Reading Apps on a weekly basis!
Spelling- This one we have held off on but I think I am going to start back with All About Spelling next week and see how he does.  I think the hands on will be a good fit.

6th Grade

History- Notgrass America the Beautiful  Yes, we walked away from Sonlight History for this one.  It was a hard decision for me, but my son loves it!
Science- ABEKA Observing God's World.  I am keeping my eye out on the new Apologia Chemistry book that has just been released as well as the new Jay Wiley Creation Science, but for now we will stick with this.
Writing- Cover Story  This is brand new, put out by the people at One Year Adventure Novel.  Next week will be our first week, but at first glance- WOW!
Spanish- Flip Flop Spanish (review coming soon), Power Glide and Spanish For You!
Math- Teaching Textbooks 6th grade
Language Arts- Wordly Wise, Junior Analytical Grammar, and now Logic of English, as well as Soaring with Spelling
Reading- Sonlight Reading
Geography- Finishing up Memoria Press Geography 1 and love it!
Typing- Typer Island
Bible- Apologia's Who am I? And What and I Doing Here?  We reviewed another book in this series and knew we had to read them all!

10th grade/11th grade

Sonlight History, Bible and Literature
Science- Apologia Chemistry
Writing- IEW with our co-op
Math- Algebra Teaching Textbooks
Spanish 3- Rosetta Stone
Language Arts- Wordly Wise and Vocabulary from Classical Roots Home Economics- Family Life Skills for Christian Schools, Manners Made Easy for Teens, Etiquette Factory Level 3
This kiddo is also studying for the Biology and Algebra CLEP tests, as well as taking photography. She is a busy beaver!

Wow.  That makes me tired just typing it all.  You should see how we all look at the end of the day!

Yes, a little tired. Some days, even a little brain fried.
But hopefully in the end, a little smarter as well!

I pray you all have a blessed school year- public, private, OR homeschooled!


*None of the curriculum listed are affiliates.  They are just products are family uses and loves!


  1. Looks like great stuff! We love All About Spelling around here!

    1. Just started AAS with my youngest this week and we love it! I had used it with an older child to help "fix" some spelling issues.

  2. You've got some great stuff listed here. Sounds like you will have a great school year!

  3. My daughter is using Notgrass this year instead of our literature based studies. It was really hard for me but has been great for her. Flexibility of homeschooling is such a blessing.

    1. I agree Sharon! It is always hard for me to lay aside something we have done for years, but this has for sure been the right choice for this year! Glad you are enjoying it as well.

  4. There are several here that are new to us!

    1. Being on the TOS review crew has definitely expanded our horizons!


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