Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Friday Two Months of Giveaways- Hero Tales Cds

Welcome to our fourth Fun Friday of giveaways!  Make sure you pop in each Friday through October to see what we are giving away next!

Yes, this week I am teaming up again with Raising Real Men to bring you another awesome giveaway!  If you did not win our last giveaway Hal and Melanie Young offered us, now is your second chance.  (A third chance for another one of their great resources will be coming up next month- shhhhhhh!)  This time the Youngs allowed us to review their CD set Hero Tales from American History.

Does it surprise you that we love this?  After all, not only is my 11 year old son an auditory learner, but we all love to listen to CDs in the car.  And friends, this military family spends a lot of time in the car!

Hero Tales from American History is actually a book written by Theodore Roosevelt & Henry Cabot Lodge.  Yes, THAT Theodore Roosevelt!  The Youngs have taken his historically rich book and added some drama into it, from booming voices to raging cannons.  

Part 1 covers 1732- 1777 and contains stories of:

George Washington (Biography)
Daniel Boone (Biography)
George Rogers Clark (Revolutionary War)
The Battle of Trenton (Revolutionary War)
Bennington (Revolutionary War)

Part 2 – 1780-1814
Kings Mountain (Revolutionary War)
Stony Point (Revolutionary War)
Gouveneur Morris (French Revolution)
The Philadelphia (Barbary Pirates)
The Wasp (War of 1812)
The Privateer General Armstrong (War of 1812)

and brand new Part 3- 1814-1865
The Battle of New Orleans (War of 1812)
John Quincy Adams and the Right of Petition
Francis Parkman
“Remember The Alamo!” (Texas Revolution)
Hampton Roads (USS Monitor and CSS Virginia)
The Flag-Bearer (War Between The States)

The neat thing about these tales is that they are rich in lessons for children as well as adults. Theodore Roosevelt wrote them with the purpose of teaching character and virtue.  I don't know about you, but I think those are definitely areas that are sorely missed in many's education.  Luckily for kids today there is more than one way to teach those qualities. What child is going to balk at listening to a CD filled with great stories?  It is an added bonus that they will learn about important events and people in History.  Each CD is about an hour long and each story is approximately 7-11 minutes long, making them easy to listen to even on short trips out around town.

These CDs are a great addition to your library not only for just your listening fun, but also as an add in to your American History curriculum if you teach at home.  What could be more fun than to read about someone in your history book and then hear their story dramatized?  I  have found that, especially for my boys, it allows them to soak up more information and makes them excited to share what they have learned.  History comes alive to them in a real way and makes learning so much more fun.

So my son's favorite story?  King's Mountain!  His thoughts, "King's Mountain is about when the British threatened settlers and the settlers drove them off the mountain.  I like this story best because it tells where the term 'I am king of the mountain' comes from and it is exciting."

You can purchase each volume of Hero Tales for $7.00 separately or the set is now on sale for $15.00... OR you can win a set here at Family, Faith and Fridays thanks to the generosity of Hal and Melanie!  Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win.


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  1. We love the Sugar Creek Gang series but we also love a wide variety of historical Cds - it makes the hours of car travel go much faster!! :)

    1. Gwen, we still love those as well! Would love to hear Seed Sowers in an audio book! ;)

    2. We would love that as well! hint, hint Gwen. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Amber, we have use SOTW for years and never heard it on CD. I need to get it for my boys!

  3. My kids are loving Patch the Pirate right now

  4. My kids are loving Patch the Pirate right now

  5. The only one we have ever used is The Chronicles of Naria series. My kids loved listening to that.

    1. Read it, never listened to it. Are you listening to the Focus on the Family version?

  6. Ladies, I accidentally deleated a ton of your comments! Just wanted you to know that your replies are still in the rafflecopter que, no worries! Please forgive me for getting trigger finger happy on my ipad! Feel free to repost, you had some great suggestions to share! UGH

  7. Well we love Jonathon Park Cd's and AIO!!

    1. Us too! We discovered Jonathon Park several years ago and my oldest son listens to them over an over! A GREAT way to learn creation science!

  8. Definitely the Sugar Creek Gang, wish we could get more!

  9. We listen to Jonathan Park a lot. :)

    1. Can your children recite them by heart, Tauna?? haha

  10. We listen to so many audio books. Right now we are listening to Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (author of the Hunger Games). It's pretty good!

  11. Probably the 3rd collection.....b/c I'm a Texas gal and it has the Alamo story in it!


    1. We visited the Alamo several years ago...loved the history there!


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