Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Friday- Managers of Their Schools Review and Giveaway

Welcome back to our second week of giveaways!  This week we added a few more to the lineup and I can't wait for you to see the fun goodies we have to bless some readers with in the next two months!  I could get use to this giving away stuff.

Congratulations to Sara@Embracing Destiny for winning a copy of the book Alone, Yet Not Alone!  Hope you enjoy the read!

Since school is just getting underway for many of you this week, I think now is a good time to reintroduce you to a family I adore and their book Managers of Their Schools.  Steve and Teri Maxwell are parents of 8 children and grandparents to 4.  Together with their family they began a business with the purpose of educating, inspiring and equipping Christians and homeschoolers called Titus 2.  They write books on mentoring moms and dads alike, bible studies, a children's book series, homeschool guides and more.  My oldest met the Maxwell family years ago at a conference and then we all had the privilege of hearing them sing and speak in Colorado several years ago.  They are as kind and personable in person as they seem on their site.  It is a joy to see a family loving and working together that has a heart for the Lord and His people!

Maxwell Family

I was able to team up with the oldest Maxwell, Nathan, a few months ago when I took his online computer class ITonRamp and did a review.  It was a great experience and one I highly recommend if you have a budding computer tech in your midst!  I am equally excited to now tell you about an additional resource that the Maxwell family has written titled Managers of Their Schools.

Managers of Their Schools: A Practical Guide to Homeschooling
Based on 23 years of homeschooling, this 214 page, spiral bound book is a wealth of information.  In 18 chapters, each focusing on a specific aspect of managing your homeschool, the Maxwells share their hearts and their experiences. Chapters include information such as textbooks, planning, schedules, doubts, hindrances and more.  Because the Maxwells used an "out of the box" curriculum, there is much information about how this type of ready made Christian curriculum can benefit you, with schedules they used included in the appendix section.  Even if you are a homeschooler who uses a little of this and a little of that, you will benefit from this book. In fact this quote from page 11 sums it up best...
"The best way for the Maxwells to educate their children is the way God leads the Maxwell family.  The best way for you to educate your children is the way that God leads your family." While the Maxwells are quite firm in their reasoning behind how and what they do, they acknowledge that every one's journey may look a little different.  "What is best for each family is the direction the Lord Jesus is leading them, and that is what we want to affirm, not change."

One of the things I love about this book is that it is full of encouragement.  Even after 15 years of homeschooling I never tire of hearing other people talk about their homeschooling days.  It is such a blessing to know we are not alone in this journey.  The encouragement you will receive from Steve and Teri is worth every minute of your reading time.

A fun takeaway from the book- how Steve turned an everyday kitchen storage cart(microwave cart) into a divided school cart with 8 sections that could be rolled to where it was being used.  I am always amazed when people think outside the box and solve a problem with a "simple" fix!

For those of you who are chart people (welcome to my world,) this is the resource for you!  There are charts of the Maxwells' typical subjects by grades, their preferred resources, numerous examples of their schedules and summer schedule and school assignment pages.  Though you may not agree with every word they say, I would also encourage you to read their article about their familys' reading criteria.  It is written soundly from scripture and will for sure give you something to think about.

I have to say that of all of my homeschooling resource books this is the one I tend to loan out the fastest and the most often, as I feel it lays a great foundation for not only those just starting out in their homeschool journey, but also for those who are in the need of some changes and fine tuning!  You will come away with a refreshed soul and new passion for teaching your children!

The Maxwell family has offered to bless one of our readers with a free copy of their book Managers of Their School.   Make sure you enter for your chance to win using the rafflecopter below!  Thank you Maxwell Family!

Managers of Their Schools can be bought from Titus 2 for $18.00.  You might also want to check out the other books in that series Managers of Their Homes and Managers of Their Chores.

Blessings, Michele


  1. Any book that has charts, begs for me to take a closer look. Love charts!! Jennifer H.

  2. I have managers of theirs homes and love it so more charts etc is great for me. I like homeschooling for its flexibility even though I am not always a cheerleader for homeschooling.

    1. What is with us all and charts?! ;) It is a disease, I tell 'ya! haha I am just thankful I am not the only one with it!

  3. I'd love to read this book and glean wisdom from the Maxwells!

    1. I think you would LOVE it! And their others! In a few weeks I will be giving away another one of their books! ;)

    2. This book would be very helpful this year - I would love to win it! Our homeschool is so disorganized right now. My favorite part of homeschooling is seeing my daughter's delight in learning. I love the "aha" moments and spending time with her each day. My daughter said she loves being taught about God. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I have been interested in several of their products.

  4. Managers of Their Homes looks like a great resource besides Managers of Their Schools. I hear so much about their products. I even noticed two other products that looked interesting: Sweet Journeys and Sweet Relationships. Thank you for the chance to win this book!

  5. spending time with my boy.

    annette @ a net in time


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