Monday, September 16, 2013

Sin's Slippery Slope

This post was written just days after Miley Cyrus showed too much of her body and silliness on national TV. Mind you, I have not seen it so I am taking this on faith from the hundreds of disgusted peoples' posts I have read.   Disgusted...everyone of them.  Not once have I read "Yay Miley, loved that performance!"

But, I digress. I wrote this post a few days after Miley's performance, but it could have been written last week, last month, or last year because this is not a new subject.  She is not the only misguided youth that surprised the world with her behavior.  My oldest said it best...

Sin is a slippery slope.

Miley Cyrus did not just wake up one day and say "Hey, I think I will appear on public television and shock the world today!" 

Let's face it, none of us just wake up one day and choose to sin.  It happens one little step at a time until we are rolling right on down that slippery slope with Miley.  It is not a superstar phenomena.  It is a human phenomena.  And it breaks God's heart.  It should break ours too.

As Christians we believe that there is a line between right and wrong. We tell our kids all of the time that the goal is not to see how close we can get to the line, but instead to keep far away from the line. Unfortunately, our culture doesn't think that way. You know the drill, we tell ourselves, "But mom and dad didn't say this, or didn't say that."  OR, "God didn't really say this or that."  (Sound vaguely familiar? Read Gen. 3:1) We justify ourselves and take one step closer to the line and pretty soon...yep, you guessed it, down the slippery slope we go. 

So what's a mom to do?  What is a teen to do?  What is a person to do?

1- Pray!  And not just for Miley, although she desperately needs our prayers! We all need prayer.  Ask The Lord to show you His will and that you will know what pleases Him and displeases Him and act accordingly!

2- Guide our children.  I hope that girl's daddy pulls her aside and gives her "a talking to." You are never too old to have a chat with your momma and daddy in our house.  We need to stay involved in our kiddos lives, from the time they are born until the time that one of us dies.  That's what parents do.  That's what parents SHOULD do.  Yes, our children do grow up and make their own decisions but we should not stop guiding them just because of a date on a  calendar.

3- Keep our families grounded.  Wealth and fame do NOT make you happy.  Tell your children that.  Teach them that only The Lord brings true joy.

4-   Surround your families with people of similar values and convictions.  One of my favorite things about our friends is that they share our family vision.  Are they just like us?  No.  But they are similar.  They hold us accountable and they challenge us to do better daily.  They love our kids and would get in line to give our kiddos a talking to if they pulled something like Miley.  I love that!  And I love them!

5- Pray!  Did I mention that already?  Just like our kiddos who are tempted to put their toes right against that line (or even one toe over, like a certain 6 year old of mine) we are all tempted.  We all sin. (Romans 3:23) We may not all want to show everything we have to the world but we want to tell just one little white lie, or tell just one secret, or ignore that speed limit just this once, or flirt with that one person, or cheat just this one time.  Regardless of what it is, if it is against the Word of God, it is sin and it is on that slippery slope, just waiting for you to take that step.

Beware.  We are all just one step away from Miley.  It can start with a not so innocent party in the USA and end who-knows-where. No matter how easy it is to shake our head at her and justify our own behavior, we too are only a few steps away.

What are you doing to stay off the slippery slope?

Blessings, Michele and Ashton
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  1. I love that you have prayer on the list twice! A good reminder to stop right now, before even finishing this comment, to pray. Pray for my kids, my husband and myself...oh, that we would glorify the Lord in all we do! Praying for all you guys, too, praising Him for your words of wisdom and encouragement; that they would touch many hearts!

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, we should be in continual prayer! :)

  2. We just talked about this in Bible study group. How one sin leads to another and can be a spiral affect. We do need to pray daily!! Good post!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! It is scary how fast we can spiral into bad behavior, even as a Christian!

  3. This is a very good reminder. We were just talking to our oldest recently (about dating, so scary!) and we tried really hard to communicate the idea that asking how much can I do is the wrong question. We should be trying to stay as far away from sin as possible!


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