Friday, July 27, 2012

The Last One!

 3 down, 1 to go.  With Kindergarten, that is. 

Yes, I am teaching Kindergarten for the last time.  I can hardly believe that 13 years ago I taught it for the first time, and four years later-taught it again, and four years later-taught it again. 
This is it!  I can do it!  (That has been my battle cry for the past three weeks!)

Hello, Saxon Math.  Again
Hello, My Father's World.  Again
Hello, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Again
Hello, Handwriting.  Again
Hello, God's Wonderful World.  Again

Oh my word, I think I can teach some of those with my eyes closed.  Word for word.  Really!
Thank goodness for the few new things we have added recently and our ongoing reviews.  Keeps me from getting bored. ;)

Of course, schooling a spirited child keeps you from getting bored as well.  We keep a faster pace, to keep him interested.  We play a lot of games, to keep him interested.  We use the computer more, to keep him interested.  We change locations a lot.  Again, to keep him interested.  You get the idea.  Kindergarten has never been more challenging, I think.

But then I remember-

The oldest, who cried for the first 3-4 years of schooling.  She was a perfectionist who did not like to get anything wrong.  Ever!  Not to mention she missed a daddy that was deployed all. the. time!
The 2nd child with whom I could not figure out how to school and nurse a new baby at the same time. 
The 1st boy, my slow to learn reader who had a completely different learning style as his sisters.

And now- well, it's just me and the littlest.  One sibling headed to college and the two others that practically school themselves.

Hmmmmm, now that I think about it, schooling has never been easier!

I get to keep a faster pace, play a lot of games, use the computer more, and change locations a lot!

Bring it on, Kindergarten!  CJ and I are ready to learn!


  1. Aw he looks so sweet! I see you are using my fathers world =) I have heard good things about that curriculum =)

    1. Hey Kelly! Not even sure how I ended up with MFW years ago, but we love it for K! It is actually the only year we use it and I do supplement with some other things, but it works for us.


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