Thursday, July 19, 2012

CREW Review- Knowledge Quest Map Trek

Knowledge Quest is an amazing company dedicated to making history come alive with incredible books, time lines and maps.  In the past, my family has used the Wonders of Old Timeline book and loved it.  For this review we got to try something new, the Map Trek: Complete Collection 6-Ebook Set.  I am hooked.  Well over 400 maps WITH lesson plans!

Let me first tell you what you get!

With this downloadable option you will get Four World History Ebooks (Ancient, Medieval, New World and Modern) and two US History Ebooks (one with state maps and one with historical maps).  Each map has the teacher's edition which is multicolored and labeled with key features, as well as the student edition which is ready to be filled in by the student.  The state maps include the date of statehood, the capital, main rivers and waterways, rank in size, state bird and the state flower.  You can print off each map as you need it in your study or you can print them all out at once and with the help of the lesson plans use each set as a unit study! 

Let's talk lesson plans!  Each Ebook comes with lesson plans to help you use the maps in a study situation.  The lessons plans are broken down into three levels:

Level 1- Grades 1-4
Level 2- Grades 5-8
Level 3- Grades 9-12

Each level gets increasingly more challenging, allowing you to use the maps for many years, teaching new skills and information as your child grows older.

Here are some of the many things we like about using these maps;

-They are beautiful!  Multicolored teacher's maps are more detailed than your run of the mill outline maps and beautiful to look at.  Visual interest seemed to draw my kiddos in!

-They are easy to access and print out.  This is an easy download and very well organized set.

-They can easily be used as a stand-alone curriculum or linked with your favorite history program!

-And my favorite- Knowledge Quest has Curriculum Integration GuidesYes,
they have done the hard work and given us a guide to link the most used history curriculums out there to their maps.  In other words, when you study a specific section in your history curriculum, Knowledge Quest will direct you to a correspnding map in their collection.  This list includes Sonlight, Story of the World, Veritas Press, Streams of Civilization and more.  Just print the guide off, pop it in your notebook and you are ready with maps to further enhance your study.

-Oh, and one more fun thing.  Since we have taken a few weeks off of school, we have not had much history to link with maps yet.  But, using my blog visit history, we have been able to learn a lot of geography using these maps.  We printed out all of the continent maps and each day we check which new countries we have checking in here at Family, Faith and Fridays and then find them on our maps.  A great geography lesson!

For $47.00, you cannot beat this deal! Click here to order! There is also a hard covered Atlas with CD available for $55.00.

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Disclaimer- Our family received Map Trek: Complete Collection Ebook in exchange for our honest review of the product.  The views stated are our own and were not influence by the company in any way.

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