Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Fun

Confession time- I am a homeschooling mom that does school year round!  There, I said it.  We do take breaks, but I have found when my kids are idle for too long, their brains just don't seem to work as well (read here- boredom, bad choices, irritating mom).  We are also a family that thrives on schedules.  Well, maybe I thrive, and they just follow along.  Now pair that with the fact that we are in a "move year" and you have a mom anxious to get started with the new curriculum and be done before the packers arrive.  This will allow us to be done earlier next spring and take off 6-8 weeks for a summer move.

But so you do not think all is lost, so far this summer we have done this
Science Center

and this
Pool fun!

and this 

Nerf war with dad

and this

Fire pit and s'mores!
and this

teaching friends to Irish Dance

 and a little of this


and this weekend we are headed here with friends!

What are you spending your summer doing?

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