Monday, July 2, 2012

Garden Success- Kind of!

Many of you have seen the before garden photos here, and the mid-way point, here, but I wanted to share with you all some minor success.  Finally.  Now don't forget, we are a military family in a rental, with a golf course in the back yard behind that line of trees you see, and limited space.  If you earn your living farming or feed your family only on your garden you may want to turn your head or at least -please do not chuckle too loudly!

Squash and Zucchini- Both finally started coming in, though the zucchini a little slower.  While we were gone for a week a sweet neighbor tended our garden for us and was able to enjoy both.  I was thrilled!  Now there seems to be a second wave coming in and lots of flowers still, so we hope to start freezing some for the winter.  Well, some of us hope!

Tomatoes- Wow!  Last year was sparse to say the least.  This year I about lost hope when almost all the first batch we planted DIED!  But thanks to a few new plants and a few volunteer plants we have tomatoes.  Lot and lots of tomatoes.  Can't wait to can sauce and freeze salsa.  We found a new recipe for salsa we love.  (I'll post it on Friday!)  No more jarred Salsa here.

Peppers- Now while I do not love to eat peppers, I do love to cook with them.  My hopes are these little ones get big enough to chop up and freeze for the year.  We have lost several to what looks like rotting on the bottom.  Any ideas?

Onions- Sill in the ground growing.

Potatoes- ALP actually harvested a handful for dinner a few nights ago.  Don't you just love zipping out to the garden for your dinner?!  She and her grandfather planted lots so we have high hopes that there will be enough there to get us through the fall and winter as well.

Herbs- These are finally slowing down a little.  That is ok with me because there was a time in which I was pretty sure that the parsley was going to take over.  We have stored enough to use forever, I am sure, as well as pawned it off on any one who showed remote interest.  Pair that with the lemon thyme we gave away, the oregano, and the scallions we have dried, I am happy with the output.  The only thing I wish had done slightly better was the dill.  Happens to be my favorite.

Today's gathering
Oh, and I can't forget- WATERMELONS!  Which, by the way, we did not plant this year.  We did plant them last year but they need lots of space and will take over we learned and only got one or two good ones out of the deal, and so we said no to them this year.  They, however said yes to us.  We have 7 growing when I counted this morning and all doing well.  I do admit for me there is something kind of fun in trying to figure out what is growing where you did not plant anything.  ALP, however, does not think it is fun and said it is messing up her pretty, planned garden.

So there you have it- our attempt to garden, grow healthy food for our family, save a little money and have fun in the process.  Yes, I dream of adding lettuce and beans and corn and cucumbers and more, but for now I am happy with what the Lord has supplied! 

How is your garden doing?

On Tuesday, check back here to see how other CREW members' gardens are doing!  Maybe we will find a little inspiration- or empathy!
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  1. Looks great! I know the feeling of gardening in a small space - we lived on a postage stamp sized lot up until last fall. It's amazing what you can grow in a small area and in containers though. Your produce looks great! I want to try more herbs next year.

  2. We also planted potatoes, but only harvested enough for a few meals. You won't find me laughing at your attempts.

    1. We love potatoes and have had fun finding new ways to fix them. Love them roasted!

  3. Your garden looks great! Ours is nowhere near that point yet! Our zucchini and tomato plants don't have buds yet, and we haven't tried digging up any potatoes. But that is normal for here, this time of year. :)

    (found your blog while hopping from one to another.)

    1. Emily- Glad you found us! Where are you gardening at?

  4. Your harvest looks GREAT! I've already dug up all my potatoes, and am now enjoying zucchini and tomatoes.

    1. Hey Nicole, how did you know when to harvest the potatoes? Did you wait until all the plants died back?


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