Monday, June 25, 2012

Part two- The Dancer

This is part two of last week's post, The Gymnast.  You can find part one here.

Now rewind the clock 20 plus years.  Same song, different verse!  I was a dancer for 16 years.  No, really!  I did it all, but focused on mainly classical ballet and lyrical jazz, often with a partner.  I traveled a lot for competitions, spent five days a week in the studio, and dreamed of being a dance teacher.  I eventually chose a college solely on their dance program and began to plan my future.  Then came a back injury revisited and my dancing days were over.  So too, I thought, my life!  Seriously.  I was in the "what now" mode with no options in sight, I thought.  I remember calling my mom and telling her I was coming home from college.  She kindly told me- NOPE, find a new major.  I eventually did and life went on, but it. was. hard.  And painful.  And life-changing.

Know this- it was not a surprise to God and He used it for his glory but I would not want to live that again.  I am thankful for a mom who allowed me to pursue a dream all out, but I wish now that I had been a more rounded individual. 

Now that my oldest daughter and I have walked the same path and seen what can happen if we allow ourselves to become obsessive about one thing- sports or otherwise- we are much more cautious about the things we pursue in our lives.  Would I have become a great dance teacher?  Maybe, but it would have been hard to own a dance studio and move every two years with my military husband.  Would ALP have continued down the path to National level?  Maybe.  But there is no doubt she would have not had time for her family, gardening, sewing and all the new things she has since found time to enjoy.  God worked out the details- He always does.

Because, you see, it really isn't even about sports.  It is about allowing one thing to take over your life.  One thing becomes the "main thing" and pushes the "Main thing", GOD, out of your life.  If God is no longer your focus, I encourage you to step back and this a fun thing or is this my life thing.

Make God your LIFE THING!


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