Monday, June 4, 2012

Garden hope

See the garden?  Do you remember the before???  We are not as hopeless as I thought and I am so excited.  Things are finally beginning to grow.  In the far back peeking up are potatoes.  In front of those, which you cannot see, are rows of onions.  Then come the tomatoes.  Last year we had to beg the plants to produce.  This year we not only have about 8 healthy plants we planted, but now have about 5 that are volunteers from last year.  Who knew?!  In the middle are zucchini and squash plants.  We hope to actually get to show you pictures of vegetables by next month.  Hiding under the squash are our three pepper plants.  I am thinking they may need to be moved since they are not getting much sun now. 
Blue tub alert!
These, by the way, are the same sorry plants we showed you last month.  Do not think they have grown one inch.  As a matter of fact, now that I have looked back at the pictures, they seem to have shrunk. Why didn't someone tell us it was a bad idea...oh, I remember, I asked you kindly not to.  Next time- ignore me!

These are the few herbs we grow.  I know it does not seem like a lot, but it really is enough for our family, as I sadly do not use herbs like I should.  Just never know what to do with then.  We have gotten to share parsley with a neighbor because it keeps trying to take over.  There is also dill (MY FAVORITE), oregano and scallions.  We usually end up drying it all and using throughout the year.  Spices are expensive!  If you have one that you grow, AND love, AND you can tell me what to do with it, I would love your suggestions!

This is my oldest working.  Since she really does all the work and is the one that deals with ticks (my LEAST favorite thing in the world, I am pretty sure)  I thought I better give her some credit.  She is a hard worker.  The funny thing about this picture is she kept finding new plants that we did not plant come up.  We finally decided to let them grow and see what would happen, hence our new watermelon plants that want to take over the garden.  Seriously!  I guess composting is good for more than one reason.  Last year our garden had perfect little rows and did not produce like we wanted it to.  This year, much to ALP's dismay, it is a haphazard mess with NO organization, but is lush and showing much promise.  Oh well.
-This is by no means our dream garden.  That requires land of our own and acres of crops. Not that season for our military moving family- YET!
-This will by no means sustain our family.  A family of six requires more and some of my crew are not even particularly veggie loving folks.

But it is a start.  It is more than last year.  And it makes the momma happy!

"Then the Lord said, 'Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seeds in it, according to their various kinds.'  And it was so."  Genesis 1:11

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  1. Do you think the sun shining off the blue plastic burns the plants in the tubs?

    1. Who knows, maybe. Maybe they are just evil tubs! haha Cucumbers have done amazing in them the past two seasons and this year are hardly growing. Of course, the one thing we all love the most! ;)

  2. your garden looks really good to me =)

    1. Thanks! We actually found four squash today...haven't been in there in a few days because of heavy rain, but it must have been great for growing!


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