Friday, June 15, 2012

940 Saturdays

That is how many Saturdays you will have with your child from the day the are born until they turn 18, according to Harley Rotbart from No Regrets Parenting

940 Saturdays!

That is really not that many, take it from a mommy whose oldest turned 18 recently and is getting ready to head to college. 

After reading that statistic I tried to see if I could remember as many of our Saturdays together as I could.  Some are easy- a party here, a vacation there.  But many just somehow slid into oblivion.  And that makes my heart sad.  Not that I should remember every minute mind you, I am over 40 now, but certainly I should remember many.

Am I just letting the days slip by one by one, or am I making the most of every minute.  Are you?!
Am I creating memories for my family or just wasting time on trivial things?  How about you?
Am I loving my children as best I can today knowing that soon they will be off on their own?  Are you?

CJ really is a happy boy, he just was NOT Having fun getting pictures that day! :)

Life gets busy with many important things, but NONE as important as family.  Let's vow together to make sure we show them how important they are...for 940 Saturdays and MORE!

My hubby and oldest are headed home tomorrow from a mission trip- planning a special Saturday to welcome them back.  Family Fun Friday just won't be quite the same without them tonight!

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  1. That is so true we need to enjoy our families every moment =)


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