Saturday, June 2, 2012

Candy Pictures

I talked the family into a quick WalMart run last night.  Oh, the fun we have on Fridays!  ha ha  Have you been to WalMart on a Friday lately?


Due to me overdoing it the past few days and needing to get off my feet, DAD made the candy! 

And did a great job!

This is the before, with all ingredients in the crock pot-

This is once it has all melted and been mixed up-

Spooning the mixture out-

I have a newer crock pot, and therefore one that seems to cook faster and at a higher temperature, so we only needed 2 1/2 hours of cooking time.  Any longer would have burned the chocolate for sure.

Since we got such a late start, we left the candy on the counter overnight to set and put it into containers this morning.
These are just two of the four groups we made!

Remember this makes a lot.  Enough to share with a neighbor or two, or four!  ;)  I am thinking that this would be a great thing to make at Christmas to share.   You can find the recipe here!

 Easy and fast and oh so yummy!

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