Monday, May 25, 2020

House Reno- Week 4

Just in case you were wondering, four weeks is a long time to work on a house.  A very long time.  But we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

At least of phase one. 

I have to admit, there were days this past week I did not feel like we were making much progress.  It seemed like I spent a lot of time putting things one place and then moving them, but looking back I can see more was done than I realized- thankfully!

So what was done?

  • After three weeks of daily back and forth trips between the rental and here, we finally got moved over on Wednesday!  It felt so good to stay in place after the long day and wake up in our house!

Super thankful for all those totes!

  • Movers brought over two loads of the final furniture that we felt we just could not do by ourselves.  They were a God- send!  

  • Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets painted!  The doors were taken back to their shop to be completed and should be returned in a few weeks.  Until then, they told us to pretend it was the "European style" open cabinet idea.

  • Installed Colby's bathroom shower door.  That "1 1/2 hour" project, was NOT!  Just for the record.  Still waiting on the master shower door to arrive.

Yes, still waiting for faucets to be installed!

  • Installed more ceiling fans.  Three more to go!

  • Installed closet system for master bedroom.  Also, not a quick project!  Let's just say my sweet husband is amazing.  And sporting a huge bruise and scrape on his back that makes it look like he got in a fight with a velociraptor.   

One of 16 boxes!

  • Unpacked all the picture boxes.  Haven't hung one picture yet, but thinking about it.

Ashton is my decorator and was supposed to come up this weekend to help hang pictures and settle things in.  Unfortunately on her way up here, she was rear ended on the highway by a pickup truck hauling a construction trailer.  Praise the Lord she is OK, but she did have to turn around and go back to her place to have the car looked at.  So for now, I am at a standstill with decorating.  Not to worry, there are enough final projects to keep us busy this week. 

My hope is that by the end of next week we will be done.

With phase one! ;)


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