Monday, June 1, 2020

House Reno- Week 5

Happy June!

While we have only been living in our new house a week and a half, we are on week 5 of renovations.  Five very long weeks!

Thankfully, now that we are waking up and going to bed in the house rather than going back and forth from the rental, things have felt a little more manageable.  Don't get me wrong though, we are still falling into bed every night exhausted.  Restrictions due to Corona virus may have been lifted in the city, but honestly this family has been too tired to do much more than take long walks at night exploring our neighborhood.


These sunsets make may heart happy, as does meeting our neighbors while on horseback!  Them, not us!  We may only be 15 minutes from town, but this slower "country" life has been such a blessing.  It is easy to leave the "worldly" stuff behind and just rest in God's peace out here.  Much needed, especially in the times of unrest we are in!

So what have we gotten done this week?  Let's see if I can even remember!

  • Replaced shower heads in the master.  Still waiting for the glass door for this shower.  Apparently the first was damaged in transit, and now the second is "lost" in transit.
Hello, silver, goodbye gold!

  • Finished hanging the remaining lights and ceiling fans.  That is 10 fans total that Clarke has replaced!  I have lost count of the lights!

  •  Removed last of old lighting.  Yes, that really hung in a bathroom!

  • Hung the mirrors and lighting in the master bathroom!

  • Replaced the outside house numbers.



  • Finished the remaining outside door hinges and locks.

  • Cleaned two rugs.

  • Changed out faucets in three bathrooms.

  • Hung towel bars finally!

  • Moved the lighting and added a mirror in the hall bathroom. 

  • Finished decorating a few rooms completely!  I will show before and after shots in a few weeks, promise.

Whew, I don't know about you, but I am exhausted! ;)  Now, seven ikea bookshelves to put together for Clarke's office.  Who wants to help?


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