Monday, May 11, 2020

House Reno- Week 2

Second week done, and it feels like it will never be done! ;)  On the other hand we did get a lot done this past week and the painters start today painting the main floor.  Can I tell you how thankful I am that they are doing that and not me?  I spent days, with lots of help, painting the master closet and the pantry and it wore me out!  Still have to paint one bathroom this week and I am dreading it already.

Because of our cooler temperatures, we have been able to keep the house open and enjoy a breeze while we worked.  Unfortunately, the cottonwood is flying and my allergies have taken a hit.  Itchy eyes and stuffy noses are prevalent and I am falling into bed exhausted every night!  Thankfully I have no where to go, because I am sure the looks I would get out would be ugly.  I need a shirt that says, "Just allergies!"

Just a peek at the things that have started pouring in.  Someone should have bought stock in Lowes this month, just saying!

So this week's progress-

  • Finished demo'ing the master closet and painted it.  Three coats!  Ready to install closet system if it ever arrives.

  •  Put together my new desk!  No more  blogging on the couch!

  • Lights all in and wired and ceiling ready to be painted.

  • A friend added vertical dividers in the pantry and we painted it.

  • Replaced multiple bathroom lights

  • Took down multiple lights and ceiling fans which will be replaced once the rooms are painted this week.

  •  Replaced more faucets in bathrooms and began tub fixture replacements. 
Waiting for the rest of the parts to come in

  • A friend built a frame for Colby's bathroom mirror.

  • Took out glass shower doors to be replaced once they arrive.
Look, more gold!

  • Began the task of replacing hinges on all the doors (over 100 to be done!) and changing out the door handles.

  • Repaired two french doors that needed some TLC!

See that view?  One of my favorite things about the house!

  • Unpacked and organized mechanical room storage.
Christmas decorations and boy toys! ;)

  • And managed to shatter one shower door!  Praise the Lord for safety glass and His protection!  You should have seen the look on Clarke's face when he was left just holding the door handle.

Ya'll if we could turn all this gold we have removed into cash we would be rich!  Haven't even gotten to the second floor yet.  Funny story- we took a bunch of things to the local ReStore and they said a polite "no, thank you" to all the gold fixtures except a ceiling fan. 

So this week while the painters work, we will be finishing up some painting and continuing the seemingly never ending removal of gold fixtures.  We are also continuing to slowly move things over and aiming for a complete move May 20th!

Exciting yet tiring but staying motivated with dreams of decorating and settling in!  One of the first things going up is our new sign from a friend.  I am so ready to fill this home with family and friends, and tons of love and laughter!



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