Monday, May 18, 2020

House Reno- Week 3

This is the post that almost didn't happen.  Guys, I am so tired!  I mean like I am pretty sure I could lay down in the floor and not get up for a week.  We have had many 9-5 days, carting tons of furniture and things over to the new house.  Clarke and I are both bruise covered and stiff.  Old age and moves do not go well together.  Believe it or not, I used to love the move process.  Not so much anymore.

And don't even get me started about painting!

So what got done this week?

  • Interior hinges and door knobs done!- All 105 and 35 of them, respectively!  Praise the Lord Salem and Colby became pros at them and took over that process.

  •   Finished out Salem's closet.

  •  Door stops installed.  Colby rocks at those as well.

  • 5 more ceiling fans taken down and three installed.  

  • Lighting for two bathrooms put in.

  • Painting of the top floor complete.  OK, we had nothing to do with that part, but boy am I thankful it was done.  By someone else!!  

Goodbye peach laundry room
Goodbye lavender master bedroom
Yay- a neutral color all over!
  • Ceiling painted in the kitchen and remaining lights installed. 

Cabinets get painted this week!  I can't wait!

  • Salem's bathroom painted.  This I did.  In the same amount of time the professional painters did the whole main floor.  Don't even ask.  I am here to tell you- we DO NOT pay painters enough!

Mirror and cabinets to be painted this week!
  • Most of the pantry and freezer contents moved over.

  • Garage boxes opened and emptied.  Things are just put into cabinets for now and will have to be better organized at a later time, but at least it freed up some work space for us.  Plus, when we move in officially on Wednesday there are no boxes to unpack except the boxes of books that go in the library.  

  • Unpacked the closet unit pieces.  And realized four boxes are missing.  So still waiting to put the master closet together.  

2 of the 16 boxes!

  • Started placing furniture and setting up bed frames. The movers will move mattresses on Wednesday, so we wanted to have these up and ready to be slept in.

  • Garage doors were painted.  We still have to change out the glass in them and replace outdoor lights to match the black.

One set of doors.

Oh, and did I mention we also surprised Salem with a family graduation party?  That's a post for later this week.  Off to a hot bath and bed.  Two more days to get things done- the movers come on Wednesday!

I pray you are having a blessed month- I hear things are slowly opening up in many states.  Of course, who would know here- too busy moving to care at the moment.  For those out and about- be safe and enjoy the freedom!


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