Friday, September 6, 2019

Let's Talk About...Electives

Wheeeeeeee, now you can have some fun and be creative!  Let's face it, electives are often our student's favorite part of the day!  Might as well have some fun with them right?

Once again, these are just some programs that our family has used and loved, and hopefully will give you some ideas to choose from or be a jumping off point to begin to explore new curriculum.  I have no affiliation with these companies, but if I have reviewed them in the past their name is linked for a more in depth opinion for you.

Dr. Aviation- This one semester class is a neat program for your flying fanatics.  Lots of info, lots of details, and a teacher that is experienced and excited about what he is teaching.

Art Achieve- Different levels for ages 5 and up, this art program will last you a long time!  No matter what your talent level is, you will learn about not only art techniques, but also things about where that specific art form originated.  Art and art history all in one!

Music- There are several good programs out there I am sure, but we tend to be one of those families that still seeks out live instructors for, in our case, piano.  A new program that has been recently brought to my attention is  Playground Sessions featuring Harry Connick Jr. and more as teachers.  Who wouldn't love to learn from Harry?!!

Typing- Ultrakey Online turns out to be one of our favorite online typing programs.  I have used more than several with my kids, but this one that we just finished using in January far outshines the others.  Colby learned how to type in a few weeks and is still going strong.  There are a few fun elements to the program, but it is not so "gamey" that you waste time.  Worth every penny!

Thinking Like an Architect- Another semester class for your STEM loving students.  This class has some neat features and could very well spark some interest in architect  careers.  If nothing else, it allows for creativity.

Computers, coding, cooking, home economics, theater, dance... the choices out there are endless.  Electives are just extra classes that provide information to make for a more well rounded student.  Talk to your children about their interests, engage them in the decision making process, and let them enjoy some new classes from time to time.

Oftentimes, it is an elective course that lights a fire in their heart to pursue a new hobby or even a career!

The skies the limit!


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