Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Reason for God- A Review

I love the learning and the information that comes from books.  Oftentimes, you can be inspired or simply find nuggets of truth in the pages.  Which explains why many of my books contain highlighted passage after highlighted passage.  I believe well loved books look just like that- well loved.  Covers worn, pages turned down, and typeset often smeared.  I also believe that The Reason for God by Timothy Keller will become one of those books on my shelf.

I have been reading this book for weeks now.  Yep, it has taken me that long to get through the 251 pages.  Usually I am a fast reader, but this book, and the information it contained, made me slow down, sometimes re-read, and then ponder what was being said.

Timothy Keller is a pastor and the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.  It was there, while starting his church, that he ran into person after person who were not only asking questions about Christianity, but seriously seeking the answers.   In helping them find answers to all that they questioned, the book The Reason for God was birthed.  In it, Keller explores many of the questions he was asked on a daily basis, using not only the Bible as the ultimate source, but literature, philosophy, historical documents, and reasoning as well. 

What you will find among the pages is a detailed, and well thought out argument for Christianity.  Well, not an argument really.  But a calm conversation between reader and author.  And THAT is one of the reasons I like this book.  Keller is not trying to pick a fight or be the winner of an argument.  He very calmly addresses each issue in what feels like an intimate conversation with the reader.  Yes, he wants you to come away with a new, or deeper, faith, but he wants you to do so because you were compelled to consider the facts.  I understand, of course, that there are varying beliefs of how one becomes a believer, but the basic facts in this book I think are valid across the board. 

To break it down for you a bit, the first half of the book ponders the reasons many have for no faith.

  • There Can't be Just One True Religion
  • How Can a Good God Allow Suffering
  • Christianity is a Straitjacket
  • The Church is Responsible for so Much Injustice
  • How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell 
  • Science has Disproved Christianity
  • You Can't Take the Bible Literally

In the second half of the book, Keller sets out to explain the reasons FOR faith.

  • The Clues of God
  • The Knowledge o God
  • The Problem of Sin
  • Religion and the Gospel
  • The (True) Story of the Cross
  • Te Reality of the Resurrection
  • The Dance of God

In his final chapter, Where do we Go From Here? Keller addresses what it means to put your faith in Christ.

I find it rather ironic that I decided to review this book for Timberdoodle Co. when I saw it listed in their catalog as a resource for high schoolers.  It is actually part of their 12th grade curriculum kit.  I had simply hoped it would be a good addition to my senior's Bible reading list.  It it for sure, but I also would highly recommend it to so many others!

Maybe you know someone who has questions about Christianity.  Maybe you do.  Grab a copy of this book and soak in the truths.  I think if you go in with eyes wide open, you may just come out the other side with a heart wide open as well!


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