Monday, September 16, 2019

Who Knew?

Have you ever gotten the surprise of your life?

You know, like guess what, you are pregnant or, hey you won a million bucks?

No worries, me neither on either of those. But...

We, and by we I mean my husband, did get hired pretty quickly to teach college classes.  Like a week and a half notice.  And he hasn't taught in a few years.

And oh yeah, did I mention the University is out of town?  By two hours.

Yep, there is that!

I think I just heard God snicker!  Really!  You have to either trust and know He is up to something, or the whole situation, including us, is CRAZY!

We choose to believe that He is up to something big!

  • Otherwise, this job would have not come up out of the wood work.

  • And Clarke would not have passed an interview which involved teaching a mock class with a little over 12 hours notice.

  • And we would have not found him a place to live during the week that is owned by the most caring and kind Christian couple you could ever meet that we adore already!  In ONE day of looking.  Recommended by a friend of a friend.

Those things don't just happen, folks.

They are orchestrated by a God who loves us, who is in every detail, and who is the Master Planner.

OH, and who may even chuckle a bit!

So, if you think of us over the next few weeks, whisper a prayer for safe travels as our hero commutes up and back weekly, for the adjustment of our family, and for us to remain in wide-eyed awe and wonder of the Lord!

Because HE knew!



  1. We literally talked about control (and our lack thereof) in our church youth group last night. A lesson I am regularly schooled on as I like to think that I’m in charge and running everything. God frequently has different thoughts on the matter.


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