Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New Year, New Plans

Welcome back to the second day of our 5 Days of Homeschool Encouragement Blog Hop.  Today is all about Take a Look Tuesday- hope you will join the fun!  You can find my Day 1 Hey First-timer here!

If you have been following Family, Faith and Fridays for any time now, you know that every year of homeschooling looks a little different.  Sometimes the changes are due to the ages and stages of our kids, some years it is due to a move or a deployed husband, and some years, well, we just need a change.  You would think that, now that I have my fourth child in grade 6 (excuse me while I hyperventilate) it would be in a nice routine, but nope, more changes are ahead of us.

As it turns out, we are currently in our 10th week of school for my 6th grader, and just finished the 3rd week of school with my high school junior.  Yes, while we do consider ourselves year round schoolers, we started new grades earlier than we are used to due to our recent move and down time in temporary living quarters.  When it is 110 degrees outside and you know no one, you might as well pass the time with school, right? ;)

So let me share what we are doing-

Our 6th grade curriculum is easy to share!

Literature- Normally we use Sonlight for literature.  While our plan is still to do so, we have not yet begun due to our stuff all being packed in a storage unit somewhere.  Thankfully I brought a few books with us and have been blessed to review a few so we are still on track.  Progeny Press offers amazing literary e-guides and we have done one for The Scavengers and for Charlotte's Web.  We are currently reading a YWAM book on Meriwether Lewis, also which has a study guide you can buy.

Grammar and Writing- For the first time ever we are using a program from Hake Press (same people as Saxon Math) for Grammar and Writing 6.  I LOVE IT!  It is the same spiral approach that Saxon math users know and love.  The lessons are clear and precise and we love the writing instruction that is interspersed throughout.  If you haven't seen this new program, I highly recommend it!

Math- Teaching Textbooks- again!  We are using their new online 3.0 program and as always, are pleased with it.  The new online format (which eliminates the need for disks) has been a huge blessing to us and allowed us to get started early.

History- We are in our final year rotation of Veritas Press Self Paced History.  This is the one subject we have not begun yet since our corresponding cards are packed away, but we will begin in September.  It is Colby's favorite subject and we will be sad to see it end.

Science- This is another subject I failed to bring with us, but God knew what we needed (doesn't he always?!!) and brought Northwest Treasures into our lives a month or so ago.  We began a review for their Geology for Kids program and fell in love with it.  This program will take us through at least January, and then we will reevaluate from there.

Music Appreciation-  Again, another review we were blessed with a while back from Memoria Press and so we are using this time to finish up.

Health- Last year we were re-introduced to Abeka Health and it worked well for us- no need to reinvent the wheel.  Health is not a required class here in AZ, but especially for younger grades I think it is a worthwhile subject to pursue.  6th grade boy- get my drift? ;)

Bible- After an AMAZING experience with ABeka online last year (a break I needed at the time) Colby asked if we could continue this online.  At this level you can only purchase one class with their hourly rate option, but we feel it is worth every penny.  This is one class I make sure I do with Colby first thing every morning.  We sing hymns together, memorize scripture together, and study the Bible together.  It is a precious way to begin our day and I love it.  He loves the "classroom" feel and the "interaction."

Our 11th grade year is slightly harder to share with you as it is, again, packed up.  Since I had no idea we would be in transition so long, I barely brought anything with us.  It bothers me more than it has bothered Salem!  Of course.  We are doing a few new things this year, so let me see what I can remember-

Literature- Sonlight again.  We have used this for years and still like it.  I do occasionally pull I book I do not care for, but this year I think is pretty safe.  Luckily we have raised kids who love to read so he has been reading a lot of books since we have moved and some will count towards his school year.

Science- We will be using the newest version of Marine Biology from Apologia.  My college gal used the older version and enjoyed it, so we are excited to start this one with the new notebook you can buy.

Math- Math U See Stewardship.  This is a fairly "easy" year for math, but I feel strongly that we are lacking in teaching kids basic math/life skills and so I love this program and the devotional that accompanies it.

History- Sonlight again!  It works, and it is my son's favorite subject.  This year will be a semester of Economics and a semester of government.  I have added a few books to our list and we will complete the Dave Ramsey High School course.

Writing- Jensen's Formal Writing.  This is new to us this year and we are only four weeks into it, but so far so good.  It is easy to follow with the lesson plans provided and has a DVD you can use which is great since Salem is an auditory learner.  There is a lot of writing involved, but hey, that is the point, right?

Health- Apologia's Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition.  Again, not a requirement in many states, but we were blessed to receive this as a review, started it, and liked it so we are continuing on.  It is laid out much like the Apologia science programs and comes with a great lesson plan.  The notebook option is a must-have in my opinion.

Bible- Well, here is where it gets foggy!  We bought a new-to-us Apologetic program that Salem and I will be doing together.  I was so excited when I found it and now for the life of me cannot remember what it is or where I got it.  Blame it on the move.  When we get our books back, I promise to update as I think it will be a great addition!  Since, as a junior, Salem does school primarily on his own, I am looking forward to this little time together each day.

He will be adding some classes in the spring at the local community college, but let's save that discussion for tomorrow!

Until then,

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