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Geology for Kids- Review with a lot of Gushing!

 Sometimes we get reviews that are a good fit for our family.  Other times we get one that is just good timing.  And sometimes, like this past month, we get a review that is not only a good fit for our family, but the most perfect timing too!  Bonus!  Such is the case for Geology for Kids- A Biblical Approach to Earth Science and Earth History kit, by Partick Nurre from Northwest Treasures.

 As many of you know, we are in temporary housing, 8 weeks and counting, with a lot of time on our hands.  I brought a few school things with us to work on, but nothing significant.  In my defense, I had no idea we would be spending the summer as nomads.  I realized quickly we needed to start some school to not only stay busy, but to also just GET started with a new school year.  Problem is, all of our life to include school supplies and curriculum are in storage somewhere and to simply start over was going to be quite costly.  I have been trying to piece things together and this review fell into my lap!  My science for 6th grade problem was solved.  It doesn't hurt that it is Geology, which thrills Colby.

Let me start by telling you that Geology for Kids is a young Earth, creation based curriculum, as is all of the curriculum created by Northwest Treasures.  That is so important to me because of our family's beliefs.  While I enjoy teaching science, there have been times in the past that I have had to stop on numerous occasions and remind my kids that we do not adhere to the "millions of years" belief, and that we do not believe in evolution.  It is refreshing to know that the science we are studying is being taught by a believer that holds to the same beliefs we do.  It's just one less thing for me to have to worry about.

Geology for Kids is a 147 page, soft color science book about Geology, intended for 4th-8th grade students.  It is full color and dotted with many pictures and graphics.  Comprised of 6 sections is has 22 chapters and can be used for a semester of teaching.

Sections include-
  • Introduction to Biblical Geology
  • The Two Contrasting Views of Earth History
  • The Rocks and Minerals of the Earth
  • Fossils and Noah's Flood
  • Dinosaurs and Noah's Flood
  • The Ocean

The book also includes fossil card templates and rock groupings charts.  When you buy it as a kit, you will also receive a Journal for your child as well as several bags of rocks, minerals and fossils-60 total. (quite possibly Colby's favorite part, of course!)  A materials list is included in the book for additional materials you will need for activities presented as well as a "how to" section that encourages you to cover only about 2-5 pages a day, a few days a week.  While it can be done independently, the author encourages you as a parent to walk through the course with our child and I have to second that.  Some of the words are quite big and harder to pronounce and it is a great gateway to open Biblical worldview conversations with your children.

The pages in the book are quite interactive and often will ask personal questions as well a geology related questions, with room to write directly in the book.  The first section explains a biblical background to science and worldview and has you look up and memorize quite a bit of scripture.  Every so often Rock Man Pat  (a character version of the author), will ask a little "did you know" question or fact.

In addition to the questions sprinkled throughout the book, the journal has a corresponding section for each section in the book that has additional questions, much like a review or test.  There are also a few sections that are labeled quizzes, comprised of just a few questions, Periodically you will find projects that include doing additional research to write a paragraph about a new learned fact or drawing pictures to show what your child has learned.

How we have used this program and our thoughts-
(Beware, this is where the gushing comes in.)

Colby and I decided to work on science three days a week during the summer months.  Each of the 6 sections are divided into "parts" and so we do one part each lesson.  If you found that to be too much information for your child, you could most certainly break it down into smaller chunks.  I thought we might have it, but he loves this book and doesn't want to stop mid section.  If it gets to be a lot we have sometimes taken turns reading.

He has answer the questions himself in the book and where it asks you to memorize scripture, we have written that scripture in as well.  Some activities have called for more writing or drawing so we have done that one separate notebook paper.  We have since gotten a dedicated science notebook, (remember all my supplies are packed) and the rest of his work outside the journal will be done in it.

As for the journal, we now complete a section right after we read it.  We waited in the beginning, but it was too much for him to write (capable but not happy!) and required us trying to remember too much at once.  I have tried treating them like a mini quiz to challenge him to remember as much as he could before going back to the book to look up any answers he did not know.

We are just now getting around to the chapters that really begin to explore the rocks in the kits, but let me emphasize how important the first few sections are.  Listen to this-

"Why would people want to tell a different story from that of the Scriptures?  Realize that the debate over Scripture and Science is really not about science but about rebelling against our Maker." (p.30)  

Throughout Geology for Kids, author Patrick Nurre points us back to the Creator of Earth and His Word.   This is not an evolution bashing book, but it IS one that shows where evolution theories came from and how they work against what the Bible teaches us.  It speaks of Creation and the Flood and is unapologetic in its teachings.

It is refreshing!  And convicting!  And interesting!

And Colby loves it!  What more could you want from a science program?

Oh, I know, videos!  Got it!

In addition to the Geology for Kids Kit, we were also given access to a video series called Dinosaurs and the Bible also by Patrick.  We are currently working our way through Dinosaurs and the Bible, shown through a vimeo subscription, and loving it as well.  I mean, who doesn't love dinosaurs?  Colby and I had intended to watch alone, but now are going to include our family in our viewing time, knowing they will love them too!  There are 6 sessions to watch and each are about 16-21 minutes long. 

Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course

Our Crew was able to review several other courses to include Taking the Mystery Out of Geology, Dinosaurs and the Bible, and Geology and Apologetics.  Be sure to check out their reviews!

Be sure to check out Northwest Treasures on their website or on Facebook.  Science never looked so good!

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