Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Living Deliberately

With 2018 here (yes I am a few days behind) there are a few things I have decided to be more purposeful about.  Let's don't go crazy and call them New Year's Resolutions, but really, they are things I want to see growth or change in.

Here's hoping!

Date Nights- This is the first thing I am working on!  Seriously, gotta put that husband first sometimes. ;)   We are not even what I would consider busy people, but it seems that other things just slide into the slots and we get the leftovers of each other sometimes.  Trust me when I say the left overs of me after a crazy day of schooling are not very pretty folks!  My goal is to put ourselves on the calendar at least twice a month for a few hours out alone.  We do not even require babysitters any more, so honestly this should not be that hard.  It's all in the planning. 

Exercise and Health- If you have been here long enough, you know my health has been questionable for a while now.  In the quest to find the problem, doctors found a gall stone and I had my gall bladder out in May.  While I no longer have THAT particular pain, the surgery gave me a host of other issues I am still dealing with.  It is burdensome and tiring and I have had enough already!  I am still tweaking things in my diet and such but had put exercise on hold because I have felt so poorly.  Enough of that!  I am getting my backside busy again if it is the last thing I do.  Someone hold me accountable!

Leisure reading- I read A LOT!  But mostly they are books on parenting and such, or curriculum or books for review.  This year I want to be a little selfish and read at least one book a month just for me.  Simple, mindless, sweet books.  Historical fiction.  Mysteries. Whatever.  Feel free to shoot me your recommendations!

Making memories with my sons-  I feel like I have fallen down on this a bit lately.  With the girls it was easier.  I was younger (think NOT tired) and let's face it I have more in common with them because well, they are girls!  But I do not want my boys to miss out on mom moments just because I am old and - a GIRL!  I am making specific plans with my boys for some fun at least once a month.  Again, it is all a matter of scheduling!

Simplifying life- In our 34 Weeks of Clean quest, we have simplified MUCH in our lives.  Layers of stuff are gone and it feels good.  It also motivates me to do more, especially with the possibility of another move in our future.  But it is not just stuff I want to simplify,  it is life in general.  I want to concentrate on what really matters and set aside the rest.  Take note, SOCIAL MEDIA is the first on my list!

Time with friends- This is an area that homeschool mommas seem to struggle with. (or is it just me?)  Lunch dates are hard to fit in the middle of our school days and by the time we are done, late afternoon coffees often require more than I have to give.  I am working on a plan to shorten my Fridays and dedicate some time to friends.  I am also determined to get over this crazy fear of flying and hop on a plane to a see a few friends.  Watch out ladies, I may land on your door step!

More time in the Word- This should have come first of course, but I saved the best for last.  While I attend a Bible study and we do devotions nightly as a family, time in the Word with just me and God often gets lost in the busyness of my day.  I am determined to get back to that time in the morning before I even step foot out of bed.  What a better thing to wake up and start your day with!

Oh, friends, I may be adding as I go, but this is where I will start!  Whether you choose to make resolutions or just want to make some positive changes in your life, I pray 2018 will be a year of great strides in a positive direction for you and one filled with love, laughter, hope and joy!

One filled with GOD!



  1. Have you ever read "The Four Feathers" by A.E.W. Mason? It is one of my absolute favorite pieces of fiction and it is my first go-to read when I feel as if I need to get back into the habit of reading something just for the love of reading. Praying for you as you move into this new year, sweet friend! - Jan Burt

    1. I have not read that but just wrote it down on my list!! Thanks! Love you and appreciate your prayers so very much! Right back at 'ya!


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