Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why We Still Love Here to Help Learning

I am blessed by homeschooling.

I am blessed to be able to homeschool.  It is not a blessing I take lightly or for granted.

I am also blessed by curriculum that we use, and curriculum that we review and eventually incorporate into our daily schedule.

Here to Help Learning is one of those curriculums.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew originally reviewed it last summer.  Shortly after that, we put it aside for our summer break, and then picked it back up in September when we started back with formal lessons.

I loved it then, and I love it even more now.

Writing is hard.  Teaching writing can be hard.  Teaching writing to a wiggly, squiggly 9 year old boy can be even harder.  There are a few programs we love for older students, but for younger kids, the choices are more limited.  Trying to find one that fits my kinesthetic learner is even harder.

But we did with Here to Help Learning.

The video based lessons are great for my active boy.  Mrs. Mora's humor keeps him laughing.  Her clear instructions keep him moving forward.  The worksheets engage him, and the sidekick dog entertains him.

More importantly he is learning and WRITING!

Yes, writing!

Like, I have to tell him to come to a stopping point with the warm up exercises or he would write a 5 page paper each time!  And that's just the warm up!

And get this- we do the lessons usually 4 times a week.  And he still looks forward to it.

Little prep for me.  Lot of fun for him!

And he is developing some skills and a love for learning along the way!


Do you have a writing program you love?


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