Friday, November 4, 2016

Back to Work

A while back I posted on some of the updates we had done to the house since we had moved in.  While lovely and we loved it, the house we bought is 15 years old and we knew there were some projects to tackle and updates to be made.

Of course, who has the time or the money for all you want to do, right?  If it were up to me we would just pay someone from our money tree and have the work done yesterday!

You see the problem, of course!

The list is a mile long, while the time and money fall a little short.  So it is a slow, but steady process.

Three minor things have been done lately though that make me happy.  The first is rather simple.

Colby's closet.  It was a typical small bedroom closet with a bar for hanging things across the top.  No room for storage and really too high for him to reach to hang up anything.  Drove me crazy!  So that hero of mine installed a closet organizer for us.  Be sure to ask him how much faster of a process it would have been had his wife (that's me) had bought the right size!

 Luckily he is a problem solver and a patient man so we he got it done!

You know organization is my thing, so this makes me much happier.  Older sister got in on the act (minimalism is her thing), so a lot of toys went out and the rest are neatly contained and easy to reach.  As a side note, the baskets each have a different themed toy CJ insisted he wanted to keep- Imaginex, Lincoln Logs, etc.  For the record, I do not think even one of those baskets has been pulled out since we changed it around two months ago.  Because his Legos sit out in his room, that is what he plays with.  Note to self- when your minimalist daughter encourages you to get rid of more toys, listen to her!

The second project was painting the front and back doors.  While we loved the wood look, both doors had considerable wear and even water damage, so we felt painting was the best option.  I taped them off and then my husband worked his magic!  I love the way they look.

Last project this time around is the back deck.  It too had a lot of wear and tear and was in desperate need of staining.  After a good power washing and a few coats of satin later, it looked much better.  I will admit the stain turned out to be a bit too orange for my liking, but for now at least the wood is protected and after a month or so, it does seems to not look so orange.  Next time around though I will look for more of a brown color.

Next up?  Guys, I cannot wait!!  In a few weeks we are having our laundry room and back entry from the garage renovated!!  By people who know what they are doing!  The two areas are currently two small rectangles and divided, although they sit side by side.  We are taking a wall out to open that space up into one big square and then having the little coat closet with bi-fold doors taken out and a drop zone for coats and such built in.  Don't worry, for those actually interested in my craziness, I will make sure to take before and after pictures!

The to-do list is growing smaller, but a few projects I have on my list are pretty intense - like a master bath remodel (to get us in the right century), possibly more painting, and a fireplace makeover.  Those will be on next year's project list I hope! My husband wants to do more practical things like replace all of the smoke detectors and outside lights on the house.

The Property Brothers we aren't, but we are having fun!  Mostly!


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