Monday, November 21, 2016

A Rearranged Life

OK, it took a few weeks to get this up, but here is the finish to our rearranging three rooms.  Yes, three!  Go big, or go home, right?  We had some extra furniture about that was to move out with Ashton but now that she is staying put for the time being, we needed to regroup and rearrange. We pulled cushions off, piled things along the edges, and hauled furniture into different rooms!  Ashton and I did most of it ourselves with the exception of carrying a sofa outside and around the house to the downstairs and one up.  You'd be amazed at what you can do when you are determined enough!

The best way to figure out furniture placement- lay out the cushions!  Really, it is easier than moving the furniture two or three times.  Once up the steps was hard enough!  Funny thing, none of the layouts you see is what ended up happening.  Another note- sectionals seem like a really good idea in theory because they can seat a lot of people.  BUT, if you move a lot like we do, they are not the best as they never fit into the next place the right way. Ask me how I know!  So yes, our sectional is now dismantled and sitting in three separate places.  It allows for more seating for Bible studies and company.

Then we have this large, red piece.  I love it and it is not really mine.  It belongs to Ashton but for now she is graciously allowing me to use it.  We moved it across the room thanks to those furniture mover things.  If you do not have them, go out and buy them now!  You need them!  Really!

My partner in crime
new location!

Don't worry,  a picture now hangs on that blank wall.

Our front sitting room now looks like this.  The piano stayed but the living room furniture came in here.  It is a little snug, but I love how cozy it is!

That grey sectional was downstairs, but now the once sitting room furniture has been swapped out.  Not as much seating, but perfect for our family nights!





Just a little cleaned up, but she says not done!

Because she loves to stage rooms, Ashton also took a few minutes to rearrange the bookcase stuff as well.

Other BIG changes include dismantling my school room and turning it into a sewing space for Ashton and her Ashton's Attic business.  Because she is busy sewing several hours a day, we figured she needed to be somewhere bright and cheerful, rather than in the furnace room.  True story!  We will share that on Friday!  


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