Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back Porch Beautification and Rearranged Beds

We have been busy around the house now that the weather has warmed up and we can finally be outside.  Well, in between rain storms!

One of the places I have been working on is the back patio area that is underneath our deck.  The deck is nothing to brag about at the moment because our sweet neighbor has warned us that our south facing deck will be impossible to step foot on in the next month due to the heat.  No thanks!

So instead, I am focusing my efforts on a shady spot, hoping I can at least enjoy the fresh air a little each day.

Yes, I did finally sweep all the mulch off the rug, I promise.
I used the rug we had at our previous house because I still love the colors and added some furniture and new pillows.

You may recognize the furniture, because it is identical to what I have in the front, minus the blue chairs (which we already had).  I know from experience to not go with different stuff, just in case we move and end up needing to use it all in one place rather than two separate areas.

Just call me an expert military wife-mover,  or just someone who has learned the hard way and gotten THAT look from her husband.  Just saying!

While my in-laws were here we kept them busy on some projects and one of those included adding bricks to the small bed at the edge of the patio to help keep the mulch from washing out, like it has done in the above picture.  Now, if we could just figure out how to keep the dog from trying to make her resting place IN the bed!

Before I swept up the mulch I spread.
Speaking of beds, that is another project we worked on with my in-laws.  They are masters at landscaping ideas (wish you could see their amazing yard) so we picked their brains for ideas while they were here.  Although we had some good things started already, there was some crowding due to growth of bushes and way too much going on in a few places. 


After on the other side!
So we transplanted 5 bushes, added two, and took out four rose bushes that were just an unsightly mess.  We also divided and replanted some ground cover to better locations to unify the look.  Then we spent 4 hours spreading new mulch in all the beds.

The end result was worth the blisters, sunburns, and sore backs the next day!


This whole thing, as well as the projects still left to do, remind me that while owning a house is lovely, it takes work, upkeep, and money to keep a place up to par.

I am thankful.

And tired! ;)



  1. The house is looking wonderful! Great idea about keeping all of the outdoor furniture the same! I can attest to Michele's wonderful in-laws green thumbs! Mr Pleasants was sweet enough to help us with bushes/shrubs placement in our flower beds when we built our house and we just love them. The yard is always a work in progress, as Michele alluded to. We're still waiting on mulch to be installed, so ours don't look nearly as good as yours. Miss you! :)

  2. It looks lovely Michele. We're working on our out of doors too and are constantly moving, edging, etc. We have areas we would love to get paved but not in the budget yet. Your outdoor rug is inspiring me.


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