Friday, June 10, 2016

College Visit and 4 day drive!

So let's just do a quick review-
  • Riley wants to major in Musical Theatre.
  • Riley wants a BFA in said degree.
  • Riley wants to go to a small college
  • Riley wants to go to a Christian college.

All that equals Riley going to Mississippi for college.

We live in Nebraska.

That means she will be 13 hours away.  13 Ya'll.

I know this because I (read: my hero husband) just drove it in four days.  While Riley and Colby entertained each other and had bonding time!

 Yes, we left on Sunday, spent the night on the road and drove the last few hours in on Monday.  Monday afternoon she met friends, attended meetings, had fun and spent the night.  Tuesday she had a full morning of events and we were back on the road by 1, driving until 10 that evening.  Wednesday we drove the rest of the way home and collapsed- hence no blog post on Wednesday.

Whether you are the driver or not, that is a long four days!

While Riley and her dad had visited the school before, this was my first visit.  Yes, it is hot there, but the lovely campus and amazing staff made up for that.  Or at least allowed me to ignore it for the most part.

We even found a quaint little taco restaurant in the downtown area and ate outside with a breeze and music in the background.  If you ever visit Jackson, you should try the shrimp nachos at Jaco's Tacos! They are amazing and enough to share!

In between being drug across states and around the campus, Colby got some swimming in, lots of car bonding time with his sister, and finally collapsed for a few hours on the way home.

Riley got registered for classes, made some great friends, met her new roommate whom we adore, and is ready to tackle the fall semester.

But first she has a play to perform!  And mom and Colby need a few more months to adjust! ;)


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  1. Wow! The first semester of college is always the most exciting. We did local, but it still was fun moving them into their dorms.


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