Monday, May 30, 2016

Graduating the Next!

It is hard to believe that we have just graduated our second daughter from high school.  It seems like just yesterday our first child graduated and left for college.  I thought the second would be easier.  I was wrong!

Things looked a lot different this time around.  Different location, different child, different graduation.  We gave Riley the option of doing a large graduation party like her sister had done, or go on a trip instead.  HA! We should have known what that choice would be.  Because we are new to this area, she felt like she may not know a lot of people yet (that's a laugh!) and so she chose a trip.

We meant a little one.

She interpreted- New York City!

Again, should have known.

So yes, she and her father flew to NYC for a four day trip, stuffed full with three Broadway musicals, free tickets handed to them for a one man comedy show, free tickets handed to them for the Museum of Natural History, a backstage Disney tour and more.  Lots more.

They are still talking about the trip.  Well, Riley is talking about the trip, Clarke mostly talks about how much his feet hurt and how he had to buy new shoes in NYC!

We are grateful she was also invited to participate in a small homeschool graduation ceremony with several friends.  Unlike her sister, she walked the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance and was presented an official diploma by her daddy.  Her grandparents from North Carolina were able to attend as well, which was a special treat for this Air Force family.  It is always a treat to have family around for a special occasion.

We ended the night with a special dinner and her opening several gifts.  A quiet time of celebration for our sweet princess.

Next step?

Riley heads to Mississippi in a few short months to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre.  I am so excited that she was accepted into the program and know that she will shine there, but oh, my momma's heart is slightly dreading the day.  OK, more than slightly.

I will miss her smile, her humor, her wit, her laugh, her piano, and singing.

I will miss my Disney Princess.

I have had the privilege of walking through life with this girl for 18 years, and I know it is time to let her spread her wings and bless the world as much as she has blessed us!

Watch out world- she is a handful!  ;)


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  1. Congratulations! She's a beautiful girl and I am sure will bless many as God leads and directs her next steps.


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