Monday, May 9, 2016

I See the End!

Who decided that the school year should be so long?  Really, I would like to know so I can have a chat with them.  There just seems to be something wrong about checking weeks off a calendar to determine if your child has learned enough for the year.  Whose great idea was that?

Regardless though, I am a rule follower, and so yes, we do check off weeks of our official "school year."  While we school year round, my kiddos only have about 4 weeks of their current grade levels left.

Did you hear a little praise the Lord there?

Friends, we are weary!  We started off strong in August of last year and really loved our Sabbath Schedule.  Having a week off every 6 weeks works well for us.  But hubby's deployment kind of, well, mostly, put a wrench in things and we got woefully behind.  It was worth it to be off when he was home and to take some extra time off when he returned home for good, but boy, have I felt behind.  We even put aside our regular schedule and having been schooling straight through with the exception of one week since January.

Exhausting.  No wonder school systems take breaks every month.  Forget celebrating obscure holidays, they are graciously protecting their teachers from burnout.  I get it now!

So our eyes are on the finish line and we are pushing forward.  Thankfully we have finished up several minor subjects so our days are shorter and we have more time to enjoy the beautiful weather here in Nebraska.

Our plan for summer?  Well, don't tell the kids, but school does continue in some aspects.  Both boys will do math and science, as well as a few electives just to stay current.  Summer is also a time that we are able to use many of the amazing review products we have been blessed with!

Because we have a crazy busy August, the plan is to take off the whole month.  There is a wedding to attend of a sweet young lady we love very much and have known since she was 6, we have to take Riley to college, and then my mom is having a knee replacement and we will be spending a few days with her to help her recover.  Once we return, we will begin our new grade levels in September.

Never a dull moment, but we are thankful for the opportunities God has given us.

Yes, even school!


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