Monday, May 16, 2016

The Great Lego Clean Up

Haven't I done this before?  I am sure I have!  And I am pretty sure I said I was done with Legos!  At least once in our child rearing, I swore off Legos because of the heartache they caused.  Then I said no more sets were coming into our house No. Matter. What.

And still, they are everywhere.  And now only one kiddo is playing with them.

One very unorganized, spread it all out, kind of kid.

I cannot take it!

Last week I went on a mission to gain control of his room.  It want a Pottery Barn look.  I have a
Lego factory look.  I will settle for a slightly picked up look.

Hey, that's big for me- you know how I like organization.

So we sorted,
  and sorted,

 and sorted,

and sorted,

and "built" a table.

I am sure there are better ways. I am sure there are cuter ways.

But at least for now the chaos is contained.  And momma is happy.  Mostly. ;)

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  1. Impressive. I have given up the battle. I have organised but it doesn't last. My son is on the top floor and I just don't go to his room.


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