Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More: From Messes to Miracles (Book Review and giveaway)

Messes.  Yep, I have had a lot of those in my life.  Praise the Lord, most of mine were pretty minor. So far, at least.

Miracles.  I've seen a few of those in my life as well.

But author Tammie Head, wow, she has seen a lot of both. A lot! And she credits God from pulling her out of those messes and into those miracles.

Tammie's book, More, from B& H Publishing, is a look back at her life. More importantly, it is a description of her journey forward and how she allowed God to take her from where she was and put her where He wanted her to be. Through heartache and tears she sought and followed God to a better place.

More is much more than a story of one person's life.  It is a story that we can all relate to - about how we all make mistakes and how we all have to make decisions to move forward.  As Tammie says so beautifully, "The heart of God is never to shame us, but to free us." (p.10)

I want to quickly share two of my favorite parts of this book!

First is Tammie's story is about her life changing trip to Africa.  Now, I believe I would be changed by going to Africa for sure, but wow, the experiences Tammie had - well they are beautiful and messy at the same time.  From children to adults, the people she met made an everlasting mark on her heart.

And second is this quote.  It is highlighted in my book!

"I have discovered much of our frustrations find rest if we'll take them to God before we take them to others....People cannot handle our brokenness and conflicted emotions most of the time.  Oh what fuss and fret and frustration we'd save ourselves if only we took ALL things to God in prayer." (p. 148, emphasis mine)  Oh, ya'll!  I love my friends, and trust me, I have a few that could knock your socks off with prayer if you allowed them to.  And I love them for that.  But how often do I take my complaints, problems, and fears to them first, instead of the One who can handle anything I lay at His feet?  Guilty.  Anyone else?  Yes, I am pretty sure my friends love me.  But I am also absolutely sure that God loves me even more.

Above all when reading this book, you will hear Tammie's message to us all that we do not have to stay stuck in our messes.  That is not what God has for us.  He wants so much more!  We need so much more!

"Above and beyond what any of us do in areas of service or life description, what is foundational and unshakable is that we are God's children.  This alone is where we find our purpose and identity.  Not in what we do, but in Whose we are." (p.95)

Oh friends!  How true.  If you do not know whose you are, ask me to talk to you about it.  Pick up this book and let Tammie tell you about it!  You, like Tammie and so many more, were created by Him and were made for so much more!

I have one copy of More to give away.  Just leave a comment sharing a miracle in your life- big or small!  A random reader will be chosen next Thursday!



  1. Praise God that we can take all our burdens and frustrations to Him, knowing that He has compassion because he was 100% human when He walked this earth, yet without sin. And because He is 100% God He has infinite power, wisdom, and love to work all things together for our good and His glory.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on Saved by Grace! I'm delighted to find your inspiring blog and am your latest follower by GFC. I'd be thrilled if you would consider following me at Saved by Grace also!

    God bless,

  2. Our big miracle is our youngest daughter, who has gone from a critically ill preemie who was never expected to leave the NICU to a thriving nine year old.


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