Monday, May 18, 2015

A Capsule Wardrobe Unveiled

This capsule wardrobe madness started out somewhat out of guilt.  After I told you all to empty out your closets during our 34 Weeks of Clean master closet assignment, things just got crazy around here and this whole capsule thing got started.

Actually, Ashton has been doing this for a while and you can read her post, An Unordinary Capsule, to catch up.  Then, last week, we went back to my closet to see what a Two Season Capsule Wardrobe looks like.  Thank goodness for two seasons, because (can I just tell you all) the day that post went live our temps dove into the low 40s and I would have frozen if I did not have a closet of transitional pieces. Today the high is supposed to be 48, while yesterday it was in the high 60s.

As a reminder, here is what I was left with after we purged my closet-

Before we talk about how this really looks, let me say a few quick things in response to someone asking WHY we would do this.

Here are the reasons one would do a capsule wardrobe-
To simplify their life (and their closet).
To curb their spending and still have outfits with fewer pieces of clothing.
To make getting dressed a no-brainer.

Ashton's 4 capsules allow her to own fewer clothes and yet have many options.  Her goal was to organize.
My two capsules allow me to mix and match because I limit my colors, but also make me wear everything I have.  If I don't love it, I don't own it.  My goal was to simplify.

Regardless of the whys, we can tell you the benefits are numerous.  Yes, it is a small challenge, but it is also a lot of fun.  You will stop wasting money on things that just take up space and hopefully have more money to buy a few new pieces that you LOVE each season.

For me it has also been a lesson in contentment.  Just because I love something or even just want it, does not mean I need it.  How can I pass that lesson on to my kids, if I do not first embrace it.? Contentment is a choice.  If people in other countries can live with 5 things to their name, why do I think that I cannot do without a few things in my closet?  If people can travel around the world with only the clothes that fit in a backpack, why do I think I need 20 times as much?  I am not saying you should get rid of everything, I told you all I love clothes, but I am suggesting that we need to be more intentional in what we buy and why we buy it!

Ok, on to the outfits.  Because I have a few more things in my capsule, I do not have to mix and match as often as someone with four capsules and fewer items, but because I use only a few coordinating colors it is easy for me to do that.  I am not going to grace you with pictures of me in those outfits (I'm not that brave) but we did put a few together so you would get  an idea of what we do.  Since our weather has been bi-polar lately, we decided to show you that a two season capsule can carry you from the 40s to the 70s!  Temperature-wise, that is! ;)

On the right is the outfit for warm weather, the outfit on the left is for cool weather.

It is worth mentioning again, I do tend to wear clothes in the order they hang in my closet.  Yep, I am boring like that. I usually choose the far most left hand shirt and then make an outfit from there.

For church clothes, I narrowed down my choices to 6 shirts, 4 skirts, and two pairs of black slacks.

For dressier occasions I have 4 jackets, 2 blouses, 2 dressy sweaters, and one dress.  I pair those things with my church skirts or slacks and can grab a cardigan to add if I really need to.

Volia!  Done!

Remember, we are not experts on capsule wardrobes and we do not follow strict rules.  If you are up for the challenge of a specific number of items (includeing purses and shoes) you can find those blogs out there.  For us this is not about numbers and no fun it is about intentional living, less spending, and a little fun thrown in!

Obviously, several of you have been inspired and challenged with us and have joined in the fun.  Next week a friend and fellow blogger, Cristi from Through the Calm and Through the Storm, will be guest posting to share her experience.  Can't wait for her to join us! Cristi has also been keeping up with our 34 Weeks of Clean, so make sure you check out some of her results.

Hope to see you back next week!

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  1. Love your outfits. Mine are much more plainer. I perhaps do a capsule type of thing without even knowing it. I cycle through a very small collection of clothes on a regular basis. Occasionally I'll wear something different, but yeah, day to day I'll be wearing the same things.

  2. Wow! You really did minimize. Good for you. One question though, where did you go with all my "pass to Jen" clothes? Ha! Ha! -Farmer Dan's Wife

  3. I don't buy very many clothes. But when I do, I really try to get stuff that fits in with what I already have. If I really like something, it will stay in my closet for a long time, until it just plain wears out. Which is why I won't buy cheap stuff, (Walmart clothes). Good quality clothing will last longer and wash up better.

    1. Sounds like we all need a lesson from you Debbie! You are so right about good quality clothes lasting longer.


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