Friday, May 22, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week 21- Hall Closet

This week's assignment, the Hall Closet!

I know some of you have already gotten to this room when you did your entry, but mine is nowhere near my entry AND, until recently, we still had need for the heavier jackets and such.  If you are ahead of us, good for you!  Take this week to either sit back and gloat or go back and finish up an unfinished project! Or how about revisit your kitchen and see how you are keeping it up!

So, yes, I did actually think I was a bit behind on cleaning out this hall closet.  I mean, summer is here right?  Well, maybe in your neck of the woods, but here in South Dakota someone did not get the memo.  As I stated in our Capsule Wardrobe post, we have had a few days last week and this week of 30s and 40s again with a few snowflakes thrown in for good measure.  The reality is that I am not as behind as I thought I was.

Luckily for me, this was a pretty easy week despite the fact that we had this tiny space pretty packed! How many coasts does one really need per season??!

So first things are first.  Yep, you guessed it - pull it all out.  Our mess ranged from too many coats to a pool bag, drawers for hats, scarves, and gloves, the vacuum, and a few containers for seasonal decorations!

After you pull it all out it is time to sort!  What are you really using or wearing?  What have your kids outgrown?  Do you really need four coats (just saying)?  Is one lone glove really helpful when it gets cold?

After we determined what made the cut and what didn't, it was time to wash!  Yes, you need to do this!  After playing in the snow and such all winter, trust me, that stuff is grimy at best!  Here is one of our piles for the wash!

Coats get washed too, or sent to the cleaners if needed.  That way they are clean and ready to go for the next season.  To make our lives a little less crazy, we do store our winter stuff in the basement during the off season, except for the hats, scarves, and gloves that stay in the rolling plastic thing in the bottom of the closet.  Just works for us, but you decide what works for you!

A note about these containers.  Two are marked for Easter and hold our...wait for it...Easter decorations.  One is marked Christmas and just holds a few little things that I can take out easily before I manage to pull out the big boxes. The one marked candles is my holding on to the past.  I used to have and burn candles everywhere all the time.  All. the. time!  But since our oldest was diagnosed with severe environmental allergies we have stopped burning candles.  So yes, this is something I need to let go of.  There used to be a Valentines box as well, but I managed to give that up last year.  I do not mean to be a party pooper, really I do not, but I am just past the "decorate for every holiday" stage.  Call me lazy, but I just don't have the time nor the energy.  See, it isn't laziness, it is just plain I'm too old and and have no energy! ;)

I vacuumed out the closet and the rest went back in.  The pool bag was consolidated and now hangs on the inside of the door so we can just grab it and go!  And yes, those light weight jackets are still there just in case.  I am no dummy!

Not a very exciting week, I admit, but one we all should be able to get done easily!  Some weeks we need a quieter project, right?

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Let's see how you did last week!  Remember, one week at a time - every little step is progress.  Keep what you need and love, pass the rest on.  You will be glad you did!



  1. Such good ideas! Our hall closet is tiny and actually frustratingly configured for me but I like this week's challenge and need to get it done. Thanks for the tips Michele!

  2. Yep! I already cleaned mine, but I still need to wash our winter coats. I washed the hats and gloves when we got back from NY. So I think I'm supposed to clean the bathrooms this week and maybe I'll revisit the pantry.

    1. I could not believe how dirty the hats and gloves were! Yuck! Ha- I have to revisit the pantry about once a month!! Too many people in and out of it!!

  3. I love the bins idea for hats and coats. I'm pretty sure our new house has a coat closet, and I'll be stealing your ideas to keep it organized.


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