Friday, May 1, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean- Half-Time

Sorry, no half time show, but we are taking a half way break!  You can thank me with chocolate and words of affirmation. ;)

As someone else said this week, how are we already half way done???  It is hard for me to believe, but when I look back at our weeks together so far, I SEE how much we have done.

Or at least how much we have been assigned.

I know life happens.  I know we are all busy.  I know we all get distracted.  And I know some of us are a little behind.

So this is YOUR week.  Haven't finished a project? Now is your chance!  Been putting a harder one off?  Now is the time to pull up your boot straps and Get. It. Done!

I know cleaning is not always fun.  I get that.  Put on some music, grab a friend if you need to, and get it done.  And our biggest stumbling block with decluttering?  Attachment.  To things, Ya'll!!

I want to be attached to my people, not my things!  Clear the things out and I promise you will have more time and energy for your people!

No excuses.  Make this week count and then come back and link up and BRAG on what you did!!!

To make life easier and as a reminder, here is our list so far...
Don't forget all of the FREE printables Kemi at Homemaking Organized has made for you!

Ooh, and before I forget, Starting on Monday we will be doing a series of three posts on Capsule Wardrobes, due to the high attention this facebook post got!

See 'ya next week as we start our second half!



  1. OOO!!! Half-time, just what I need. Maybe I can finish up the few things I've wanted to complete, like my bedroom, etc.

    1. Yay, that is great Suanna! I needed this halftime as well! Sometimes we just need to revisit hot spots in our house on a regular basis.

  2. Oh my! I haven't done anything in my master bedroom, and I was getting so discouraged that I would never catch up. Halftime is just what I need! We've done some of the master bedroom as we've just recently moved furniture. This will give me a chance to finish it this week and catch up. :-)

    1. Sounds like it is a week of master bedrooms for many. No discouragement allowed- we ALL have much work to do, but small steps will get us there Courtney! You can do it!

  3. Very cool on the capsule wardrobe. I'm really thanking you here for the half time with Dulce de Leche ice cream covered in chocolate :)

    1. Sounds yummy! I will even share with you! ;)


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