Homeschooling & College

You Do What? Yes, we are one of those families. Homeschoolers!  For over 23 years now, actually.   And we have loved almost every minute. 

I say, almost, because let's be real, some days are just harder than others.  And some kids are easy to teach than others.

Take, for instance, the Strong willed Child I am teaching!  Do you have one of those?  I am convinced they are going to grow up, rule the world, and do great things, but until then we must stuck together, fellow moms of the SWC!

And at the other end of the spectrum I have a college graduate as of December 2014.  She duel credited her senior year of high school, spent 1 1/2 years away at college, and then came home and finished a year later at home online.  Not your typical college career but it worked for us and it was the best thing for her!  She is now 25, works 30 hours a week and runs her own quilt business! If you have a child headed to college you might want to consider a few things.

And then in between I have a 18 year old boy- still loves legos and all things knives and guns! He is such a joy and growing into such a special young man!  Really!  He is one of the sweetest and kindest young men I know- and not just because I am his momma.  If I could only get him to stop growing up.  He will begin college in August, with all of his general college classes already completed!

And then there is my 22 year old drama queen.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Really! She did school differently as well.  She duel credited her last two years of high school, taking multiple on line classes, and entered college as a sophomore.  She attended a Christian college in Mississippi and graduated two years ago, majoring in Musical Theater.  There are BIG things in the future with this girl- she is currently a Queen at Medieval Times in Scottsdale!

Some days are great and some days are not so great.  Just like everyone else.. So Why DO We Do It?  Can you do it too?  You bet!  Put the excuses aside and buckle in for the ride of your life!  There may be Pros and Cons, but it is worth it, I assure you!

Blessings from a Veteran Homeschool Mom,

New to or considering homeschooling?

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