Friday, March 9, 2018

The 9 Lies Every College Student Tells - A Guest Post

Hi friends! It’s Riley. Remember me? I did a lot of Mom’s blog graphics before moving to Mississippi for college. I’m majoring in musical theatre and am in my fourth semester. It's going really well :)

However, I was recently home for a break and while I was home I discovered that I was lying to people.  Innocently, of course!

You see, someone would ask me about college and before I even thought about it I would shoot off an answer, regardless if it was true or not.

So today I’ve compiled a list of some lies I’ve told people about college and some ones that I’m sure other college students have told. Consider it a cheat sheet for talking to the college student in your life. You’re welcome!

*Disclaimer: this is mostly tongue in cheek.

*Disclaimer 2: Mostly

1. “My semester was fantastic!”
As I tweeted once, I felt like I finished last semester with three pennies, 17 bruises, and a complete lack of confidence. By the time you make it through the finals and what not you feel like you’ve gotten run over by a Mac truck. No joke.

2. “The cafeteria food is really good!”
Yes, I know it was pretty fantastic when you visited for Parents’ Weekend, but it hasn't been good since then.

3. “I’m not spending all my money on Chick-fil-A!”
See lie number 2.

4. “I never skip classes!”
This one makes me laugh. Pro tip: don’t schedule classes at 8am because if you do you’ll want to skip them. Every. Single. Morning.

5. “I’m staying up late studying!”
I’m actually staying up watching Friends on Netflix, but sometimes I study while I do that. College is all about multitasking!

6. “I haven’t cried in such a long time!”
I cried like three days ago because I thought about the Crocodile Hunter for too long.

7. “I’m making tons of friends outside my major!”
This may be because I’m majoring in theatre, but the only other department I interact with is the music department and that’s just because we share a building.

8. “I’m becoming such an adult!”
Which is why I laid on my floor in a blanket burrito and watched The Lion King and ate cereal right out of the box!
(Note, I’ve never done this but it sounds like a good idea)

9. “I’m getting enough sleep!”
Is anyone ever getting enough sleep?!

OK, OK, mom's turn here! ;)

Yes, I have heard my daughter say several of these things to people, but I can assure you she is not really trying to deceive!   It's kind of like that 'ole "How are you?" "I'm great!" response, when really you are not.  Sometimes it's just easier to give a simple answer and move on.  

Seems college kids are no different.

Except for apparently they do not eat or sleep well, go to the classes you are paying for, or study! 

Don't worry- she's coming home on Sunday for Spring Break- I will have a chat with her! ;)



  1. Love the humor here! Enjoy your spring break.

  2. Such a fun post! Thank you, Riley, for enlightening us.
    My kids tell me they don't reveal all in order to protect me. Your list here will be helpful next time I have to translate.
    I hope you are having an amazing semester!
    Michelle, my prayers for you, the Mom of a college student far away :)

    1. They are trying to protect the innocent, right? haha Enjoy your kiddos and thank you for the prayers!!


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