Monday, March 16, 2020

They Won't Get Dumb!

With all the craziness just getting more crazy, I haven been pondering a lot lately.  What should our response be?  If and how should we alter our live?  How can we help others?

Quite frankly, other than the annoyance I feel going to the grocery store and seeing the crazy first hand (though that seems limited here for now) our lives have not changed drastically.  We are a homeschooling family by choice,  have been for over 23 years.  Our normal day involves staying home and schooling our kids.  Social distancing is our strength.  Kidding.  Mostly.  Because we just moved, quite honestly, we do not have other outside commitments yet.  Looks like getting to know our neighbors and our area will have to wait in some regards.

But truth be known, I am a little stunned by all the chatter about what to do with your kids who are now at home.  Without trying to be snarky, what do you DO with your kids on weekends or during the summer, and why is this any different?  They are your kids after all.
I do completely get that for families with two working parents, or a single working parent, things have now complicated your lives.  When you depend on those incomes and have no one to be home with your kids now, things get complicated- it is a serious problem and my heart breaks for you.  I am so sorry for that stress and pray you will be able to find acceptable answers for the next few weeks or months.

But, for families that have one parent home anyway- what's the deal?

I know many schools have successfully put lessons on line or have sent home work to be done.  Yay- that is great!  BUT- if no school work is done for the next two weeks or even 2 months, they will be fine!  So will you!

Due to some things we were working through and a program my son has been a part of for the last six months, our school day and school work looked a bit different from what we were used to.  My first reaction was fear, so I get it!  But something the sweet program director said to me has stuck in my brain and I want to share it with you-

He is not going to get dumb in 6 months!

Or two weeks, or however long this social distancing lasts!  Count on it!  Once I really let that sink in, I relaxed.  I hope you will to.

Yes, do whatever school your child's teacher sends home.  But more importantly, use this as a time to reclaim your family.

  • Enjoy the slower pace of your day!  You may find you get some rest you didn't realize you needed!
  • Spend time with your kids!  You may recapture their hearts along the way!
  • Get outside and get some fresh air!  You will feel the stress fall away, and hey, maybe we will even lose a pound or two!
  • Be kind! This is a time in our lives that we have the opportunity to shine for Jesus!  Go big, or go home! 
  • Unplug from the chaos!  If the news makes you anxious, turn it off.  Family time is much more fun!
  • Look for the blessings.  Instead of talking about how bad things are or are going to get, spend time as a family identifying the good that can come from this situation.  They are there if you just look.

Oh friends, we will persevere.  Trust that nothing affects us that has not been passed through the loving hands of our God first!  Reach out to others, dive into His Word, and enjoy your family!

John 14:27-
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

If we can pray for you, please reach out!  It is our honor to do so.


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