Thursday, August 6, 2020

No More Raccoon Garage

Yes, we had the garage painted black shortly after we moved in, but had not changed out the windows in them, so my kids told me they looked like raccoons.  Or pandas, depending on which child you ask.  I had all intentions of changing them out, but, as with all other things, shipping and installers were delayed. 

Finally, they came, and the difference is amazing.  I love them!

Now if that front door will ever come in. 

Other projects done-

Curtains for our dining room and our upstairs guest room.  Both were not high priority, but having that sewing project off my to-do list feels good. (OK, they still need to be hemmed, but it's close!)

I also finally got this quilt layered and quilted so I am ready for winter snuggling!  There will be a winter this year, right?! 

In preparation for two projects on our lower level, Clarke and I were able to take out this silly sink contraption the previous owners had put up for art projects I believe.  What you don't see is that when we bought it, it also had a woven grass rug around it.  Just having the thing pulled out makes me feel better.

This week I will be painting the back wall and column.  In a few weeks a kitchenette area will be added!  I am busy looking for a high table and four chairs to put where the card table currently is.  For now, Colby and I am using it for our puzzle space, but I am looking forward to having it set up for guests to use and movie night popcorn to be made.

The second project involves a bath room reno.  More on that to come!

As these initial projects start to wind down we are beginning to dream about our next projects.  Well, me mostly sharing my dreams with Clarke.  We will see where that takes us!

For someone who was a bit disappointed in having to let go of the building a house dream, I am enjoying making this place our own with updates here and there.  Feeling blessed that the Lord has allowed us to live His dream for our family- one we would have never imagined!


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