Monday, August 17, 2020

Kitchenette Prep

This past week was our "summer break" before we settle back into a fall school schedule.  Yes, we school year round, but usually only a few subjects are on our daily list in the summer months, and Colby chooses when he does them since he is pretty self sufficient.  But this past week Salem was gone for a few days (he also starts school today- COLLEGE), and Clarke had the week off, so we took some time to work on complete a few projects that needed to be done.

One was getting the basement ready for our "kitchenette" to be installed.

The first thing to do was remove the ridiculous set up that was currently there. 

Yep, they had installed two utility sinks, set them in a shower base, and stapled two grass rugs around the base to hide the plumbing.  Oh my!

The good news is that while a few things were heavy, it was very easy to disassemble.



The second thing that needed to be done was paint since they had obviously touched up more than a few places with the wrong color paint.  Bad news- there is no extra paint ot be found and we have no idea what color is on these walls.  Good news- there was a full can of light grey paint left from Salem's room that I like and was happy to use.  Hopefully the different color will set this area off a bit from the basement which can feel caverness at times because it is so large.


So we painted for two days!  Would have been a bit easier if the walls were not so high and I wasn't uncomfortable on the ladder, but we got it done! 



Now we wait for the install.  As you know, COVID has slowed down the world, so things are a bit backed up.  Of course.


Our Supervisor

The plan is to add a small cabinet set with a sink along the back wall, and bring our white fridge from upstairs down to match the cabinets.  Another island of cabinets will go in front to help define the space and give us a serving area.  To the left of that space we will add a high table to eat at or for games.


I am so excited to see it coming together after dreaming big since the moment we saw the space.  It is bright and spacious and we hope will be a fun space for guests!

Once that and the bathroom reno are done we are ready to host! ;)

Updates- I hear our front door will be here in 2-3 weeks.  We will see.  Our entertainment center is also due in by the end of the month, again we will see.  Finishing out a house is hard work and takes patience.  To do it in the middle of a pandemic- well, try patience on steroids!  

And about today- today Salem goes to his first IN PERSON college class and Colby and I begin 8th grade.  Riley is back at work at Medieval Times and Ashton continues to stay busy with work and such.  Clarke will be teaching four classes at Embry Riddle next week and is the new chair of their helicopter department.  I continue to marvel at all the changes we have gone through in the past six months and am forever grateful for the Lord's hand in it all!

I pray you are living your best life!  Eyes on God!



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