Monday, June 8, 2020

House Reno- Is it REALLY Week 6?

Almost three weeks in the house but yes, we are REALLY on week six of renovations.  It was a slower week in some ways which is good because, ya'll, I am tired.  Like bone weary tired.  Which is why this post is just getting written this morning.  I crashed last night.

Yesterday was the first day we did no work on a house project.  None.  Nada.  It was glorious.  One of our daughters spent some time with us last week and we took the time to just be.  Online church, a hike, and ice cream- a perfect way to relax! 

Things are actually winding down on the house projects (on phase one!).  We are still waiting for our master shower door to come in as well as a front door, and I still need to hang pictures.  I have been reading a book called The Cozy Minimalist Home, and processing ideas before tackling that project.  Living with white space is actually very freeing.  Her motto "lass stuff, bigger impact" speaks my language, while still making a home feel warm and cozy,  This week I hope to try to settle in a bit to a new schedule.  Colby has a few summer school subjects we are doing together and I want to try to start lesson planning for his "next year."  I suspect we will try to get started on that in August.

The biggest news of the week- Colby turns 13 on Thursday!  I can't hardly believe we will have our last teen in the house!  With Salem working and taking college classes, it is just Colby and me a lot.  Well, dad too since he all of the classes he is teaching are currently online.  It is odd to have just one of our four around most days, but I think he is enjoying getting all of the attention! ;)

Any way...

What did we get done this week?

Replaced outside lights

Before and After

Before and After
Before and After

Planting a few things to make me happy when I sit outside!

Putting together Ikea bookshelves for Clarke's office.  This was a three day project!  Seven shelving units in all.  While, I love the finished project, do not ask me how I feel about Ikea for a while, please!

Our helper this week!

A few spaces still to work on and pictures to be hung, but you get the idea.

Emptied the last boxes of books- for the office and homeschooling ones!  NO MORE BOXES!  It is a glorious feeling!

It is not lost on us that it has been a hard week for this country.  While words cannot fix anything, we pray continually, knowing that only the Lord can heal hearts, take away racism, and save our country and our souls. 

Take time to love your family, be kind to others and know that we love you!


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