Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Chroma Cube Fun

Do you remember as a kid doing those puzzles that required you to actually think?  You know, "Mom had twelve sons, if the 3rd son sat beside the 8th son and the 2nd son sat two rows up..." type things.  And yes, I totally made that up.  I always was intrigued by them but never very good at it honestly.

As it would turn out years later, I have a few kids that not only like those kinds of puzzles but are actually pretty good at them.  They enjoy being challenged and can get in some pretty serious competitions at times.  I knew when we saw Chroma Cube in the newest Timberdoodle Co. catalog it was time to add a new puzzle to our growing list!

You can tell when something is a hit in our house when you always find it sitting out on the counter, and always on TOP of the other games.  (Did I mention games are big in our house?)

Chroma Cube is that kind of hit.  This brain teasing puzzle is made of 12 wooden blocks and a 3X4 wood grid base that holds them.  In a handy little cubbie on the side you will find the directions and 25 puzzle cards.  These cards go from simple to difficult, but unlike other puzzle games, need to be done in order.  They not only progress in difficulty, but some of the later puzzles rely on the earlier knowledge gained from the simpler cards.  No skipping around here.

Each card gives you a picture of how the grid should be set up before you begin.

Then following the clues at the bottom of the card, you begin to place the remaining colored cubes in the empty slots.  Once you think you have them all positioned correctly, you can check yourself with the answer key on the back of the card.

As with most new things that come into our house to review, we were eager to try this one out.  Our 12 year old who is our puzzle master had the first go at it.  He quickly went from "this is easy" to "oh, wow!"  After doing a few by himself he decided to challenge other family members to see who could also solve them.  That soon became a game of who could solve them the fastest.  While we have not completed all of the levels we are slowly working our way through them and recently even had our company in on the fun.

It is fun to see how different people process the information and solve the puzzles, especially at different ages and different learning styles.

Reasons to love Chroma Cube-
  •  Quick to set up
  • Challenging for all ages

  • Good for visual and hands on learners
  • Family fun
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to transport for on-the-go fun
  • Pretty enough to leave sitting out

Chroma Cube is part of Timerdoodle's 11th grade curriculun kit.  Have you seen these kits?  They are simply amazing and offer some of the best products out there in one simple kit.  You can also personalize them according to your specific needs.

Looking for a new challenge in your day?  Or maybe a quiet activity that will engage your child's mind and keep there fingers busy?  Of  a new addition to a Logic Basket, filled with logic activities for your older teens?  Chroma Cube may be your answer!

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  1. I really like this one. I found I had to peek at the solution to understand what some of the clues meant, but it didn't feel like cheating since I then went back to solve the puzzles. I still have 3 or 4 more levels to do, but once I complete it I want to go back through and solve them again without peeking.


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