Thursday, October 17, 2019

Have School, Will Travel

I know, can you believe it?  Two posts in one week!  I am on a roll!  It is hard to imagine I am sure, but there was a time in the life of this blog that I posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  No matter what.  Yeah, those were the days.

Anyway, I digress...

You may remember that my sweet hubby took a job about two hours from where we live.  Typically he leaves on Sunday night or early Monday morning, and returns home Thursday about dinner time.  It could certainly be worse, but at this stage of our lives, and after spending much our married life apart, it is not what we would choose.  It is where God has us for now and we are grateful he is loving his job and settling in to teaching.

None the less, after a busy week prior and having to put down our 16 year old dog on Friday, I decided the boys and I could use a break.  Well, I am sure the girls could too, but hey, they have jobs!  Thankfully, as a homeschooler, and now that football is done, we have the freedom to come and go, and so GO we did!

Packed up school and a few clothes and headed out the door.

Very early!

We are currently enjoying the sweet Air BNB life my husband has during the week, exploring the area, and just being still!  I could get a tad spoiled!  I was even smart enough to bring along the crock pot since we have limited cooking capabilities here, and the place smells so good when we get back in the evening.  If you haven't tried that before, I highly recommend it!  Not only does it save money, but it is a warm welcome when you come home tired after a busy day.  Not sure what the maid service thinks about us when they come in to clean our rooms in a hotel, but oh well!

Here's praying you, too, can find moments of rest during your busy week!


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