Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Our Favorite Blue Ribbon Winners

Each year The Homeschool Review Crew gives out Blue Ribbon Awards for their favorite review products of the year.  It is a much anticipated event among the Crew and sometimes the competition is fierce.  This year was no exception, as we were blessed by so many amazing vendors and curriculum this year.

The voting is finished and the results are in! Though it was a close race in several categories, 22 companies rose to the top out of the 66 total reviews the Crew did for the year.  That is over 4,500 review, you guys!

Favorite Reading Curriculum – Reading Eggs
Favorite Writing Curriculum – Memoria Press
Favorite Grammar Program- GrammarPlanet
Favorite Vocabulary Resource- Roman Roads Media

Favorite Penmanship Program- CursiveLogic
Favorite Literature Curriculum –Homeschool Navigator
Favorite History Curriculum- Drive Thru History Adventures
Favorite History Supplement – Home School in the Woods: Á La Carte Projects

Favorite Science Curriculum – Apologia: Anatomy
Favorite Math Curriculum – Whizz Education
Favorite Foreign Language Program – Roman Roads
Favorite Fine Arts Program – ARTistic Pursuits

Favorite Elective Curriculum – Code for Teens
Favorite Christian Education Curriculum – Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Favorite Christian Education Supplement – Planet 316
Favorite Preschool Product- Starfall Education Foundation

Favorite Elementary Product – Branch Out World
Favorite Middle School Product- The Critical Thinking Co.™
Favorite High School Product- The Master and His Apprentices
Favorite Parent Product – Great Waters Press

Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed – Lisa Tanner Writing
Best Online Resource – Drive Thru History Adventures
Best e-Product – Home School in the Woods
Favorite Book –YWAM
Favorite Audiobook or Audio Drama – Heirloom Audio: Wulf the Saxon
Kids’ Choice –Reading Eggs
Teens’ Choice –Drive Thru History Adventures

I am not going to tell you all which ones I voted for, but I will share the reviews I did for some of the winners!   As Product Manager for the Crew, let me tell you that all our vendors are winners in my book.  One of the cool things about homeschooling curriculum is what doesn't work for one family may be perfect for another.  That is why I always give you an honest opinion of what we have used and then encourage you to check it out for yourself.  Our kids are all unique and have different likes and needs.

As you explore these vendors, keep in mind that many have gone before you in using the products and the reviews out there are to help you navigate your decisions.

The Homeschool Crew may be fairly quiet for a few months, but have no doubt we are getting ready for another big year of more vendors and more products.  Get ready to be blessed in 2019!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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