Monday, December 3, 2018

Maze Craze

Sometimes you just need something fun to do with your child, right?  Not school, not running errands, not going to appointments- and certainly not spending money!  We are all so busy these days, so sometimes it is just nice to snuggle up together and have a little quiet fun!

Usborne Around the World Mazes to the rescue!

I always loved doing mazes as a child so I was excited to review Usborne Around the World Mazes, for ages 6 plus, from Timberdoodle with Colby.  He is 11, currently in 6th grade, and loves mazes as much as I do!  Score!

This beautiful, full color maze book has 45 mazes in it.  They begin fairly easy and get harder as you work through them.  Some are only one page, while others branch across a double page spread.  Each has a different travel theme, introducing new places and things to see.

Armed with a pencil in case we made mistakes, Colby and I have tackled the mazes a few at a time together.  He usually traces the path with his finger first and then once we get it figured out, he goes back and draws the line in.  The first few were indeed pretty simple, but they quickly got more challenging as we went along.  Two that we have done we ended up going to the end of the puzzle and working our way backwards.  Is that considered cheating?

Don't worry, there is an answer key in the back for each puzzle in case you get stumped!

Why mazes?
  • Great way to relax
  • Great fine motor skill practice
  • Employ problem solving skills
  • Make fun gifts for people
  • Allow you to have some one on one time with your child
  • Allows a child to have some quiet time
  • Can keep a young child occupied while waiting
  • Can encourage cooperation when done with others
  • Can be used by multiple ages

And best of all- they are just plain fun!

I love just about everything that Timberdoodle carries, whether a stand alone product or one that is part of their curriculum kits!   Usborne Around the World Mazes is no exception.  There is still time to order a copy for a special child on your Christmas list!


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